Things to Do in West Village, New York

Characterised by curving streets, eccentric passages and notable townhouses, West Village is one of the most preferred neighbourhoods in New York City. A stroll in West Village takes you to charming cafes and pleasant parks. To stay in West Village is to live the life of a local in New York.

West Village comprises the Western portion of the Greenwich Village neighbourhood in Lower Manhattan. West Village is surrounded by Sixth Avenue on the east and Hudson River on the west. The neighbourhood is mainly residential and is home to numerous shops and restaurants. For residential properties, it is one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in the United States.

The ambience of West Village is calm and idyllic and allows shoppers to enjoy and experience peacefully. West Village is the place where you get everything from unusual finds to global-brand goods. It is a shopping and dining territory.

West Village will remind you of a European town with lots on offer for shoppers, diners and art enthusiasts. It maintains a distinct vibe making it a class apart from the rest.

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