Places to Shop in Louvre

Louvre and Les Halles in Paris offers some of the best destinations for a shopping holiday, where you will find something for everyone. From high-end boutiques to fantastic flea markets make it possible to shop everything you heart desires. Hope you will enjoy exploring these shopping markets and stores.

Le Forum des Halles

This underground shopping mall is connected to Les Halles RER station. A one-stop-shop for everything, you will find every type of store here be it clothing, footwear, books, electronics and more. Besides shopping, the place has several cinemas, lounge and a public swimming pool. This huge shopping complex is an excellent place to visit during the annual winter and summer sales in Paris.

BHV (Bazaar de l'Hotel de Ville)

A new and modern version of Bazaar, this iconic store is settled at the epicentre of Rive Droite/ Rive Gauche. You can buy tools and gadgets for home repairs or decor, small appliances, and clothing to practically anything that you want to buy. The store is open on Wednesdays& Fridays from 9.30am to 8.30pm.

Carrousel du Louvre

A well-known underground shopping centre, Carrousel du Louvre is a huge shopping complex that is open 365 days in a year. The complex is home to more than 35 well-known shops, including stores like Apple Store, Swatch Store and L'Occitane en Provence.

Rue de Rivoli

This fashion shop lined street offer countless options to choose from. There are so many good stores that it’s difficult to explore all in a single visit. This is basically a tourist shop street, selling products at reasonable rates and this is probably the place where you getthe best souvenir shopping experience. The side streets are also filled with boutiques and fashion stores.

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