Attractions Near Hougang

Punggol Park:

This expansive green space is one of the top attractions near Hougang for fitness lovers, and is split into an ‘Active Zone’ and a ‘Passive Zone’ to suit different visitors. Whether you’re visiting the park to break a sweat with some exercise, or enjoy some tranquility and time with nature, the different zones in Punggol Park offer the perfect space for you. The park is also known as a Pokémon Go hotspot, so if you’re fanatical about the interactive app, get down to the park for some rare finds.

Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary:

Visitors from Europe or architecture buffs might be surprised to find a Gothic style church in Singapore that rivals its European counterparts, but this church tends to surprise its visitors with its exceptional designs. The national monument was erected in 1901 and continues to hold mass every day. Services are held in a range of different languages, so a long-term visitor or expatriate might find this the perfect local church.

Dueller’s Point:

Though this little store might look unimpressive, it is one of the top attractions in Singapore for trading card enthusiasts. Visit Dueller’s Point to meet fellow card collectors and gamers, exchange cards and play games together. The shop also hosts regular games nights, so visit their website for the best day to come along.

Wild Oats:

Sitting on the very edge of Punggol Park, Wild Oats is a beautiful terrace restaurant with views over the lake. Settle down for a meal or simply a coffee, and take in the beautiful views of the trees above, the calming water and the people sitting on the grass. Open until late, it is the perfect place to relax in nature, and get a bite to eat if you’re feeling peckish.