Attractions near Novena

Orchard Road:

Undoubtedly one of the main attractions near Novena, Orchard Road is a flurry of lively activity, contemporary architecture and bright lights. A shopping lover’s heaven, this road is one of the most famous areas in the whole of Asia, and offers everything from top designer brands to local hawkers and discount electronics. Not just for shoppers, Orchard Road is also home to state of the art cinema complexes, the world’s largest indoor rock climbing wall and a whole host of events and festivals.

Singapore Botanical Gardens:

This 158-year-old garden is the perfect contrast to Singapore’s busy streets and contemporary skyscrapers, with tropical plants and beautiful flora open for the public to admire. Honoured as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the gardens are one of the most popular attractions in Singapore for those who appreciate some time in nature. Popular sights include the National Orchid Garden, the Rainforest and the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. By 2018, the Gardens will have an additional 18 hectares of developed land, known as the Gardens’ Learning Forest.

Fort Canning Green:

One of the top attractions in Singapore, Fort Canning Green is a spectacular green space near Novena. The park is popular amongst both locals and tourists, and it is not uncommon to see nearby residents exercising, walking or enjoying a picnic in the area. For tourists, Fort Canning Green offers an unlikely glimpse into Singapore’s colonial history, with artifacts and information dotted around the park for anybody to explore. On a sunny day, Fort Canning Green is the perfect place to be.