Attractions in Financial District, San Francisco

Punch Line Comedy Club

This is one of the top attractions in San Francisco, and for good reason – this little business has hosted huge names like Ellen DeGeneres and Robin Williams. You may not catch one of those names on the stage anymore, but you might just stumble across the next big comedy star.

Eureka Theatre

Get your theatre fix at the Eureka Theatre, which offers a variety of performances in an intimate setting. This is the perfect place for theatre buffs to watch a niche play, or for true enthusiasts to discover up and coming talent. Even if theatre isn’t your strong suit, pay a visit and let this little gem surprise you.

Ferry Building Market

This market is one of the most popular attractions near the Financial District, and one of the Financial District’s most iconic sights. Standing since 1898, the market is now home to a huge range of vendors, it is the perfect place to browse anything from cheese and coffee to sweets and candy. The Ferry Building is known as one of the most characterful parts of the Financial District, making it popular with visitors.

Justin Herman Plaza and Park

This plaza and its surrounding park are popular with visitors and locals alike, and lunch hours will see it filled with people who come to relax, exercise and take in the views. It’s never a dull day in the park, with skateboarders and street performers always looking to impress. Stop by for a little while or a long while – and don’t forget to check out the incredibly unique water fountain in the park.

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