Attractions in Mission District, San Francisco

Dolores Park

This expansive park is a key attraction near the Mission District, with locals and visitors flocking to the sun-bathed green space during lunch hours and on weekends. The park offers sweeping views of San Francisco, and if you ever tire of that there are plenty of people watching opportunities too. Grab a fresh coconut with rum from the local vendor, lay out a blanket, and enjoy a lazy afternoon.


The Mission District is known for hosting some of San Francisco’s best nightlife, so there is plenty to sample after hours. Dalva offers delightful cocktails to start your night, but if beer is more your taste you might want to try Sycamore or Shotwells. Don’t worry if you stay out late and fancy a midnight snack – there’s a late-night vendor around almost every corner to curb your cravings.

Southern Exposure

This gallery is a must-visit for any fans, as it hosts as huge range of visual art exhibitions. As one of the top non-profits in San Francisco’s visual arts circle, it is a firm favourite of locals and visitors alike.

The Roxie Theatre

The Mission District is home to The Roxie Theatre, which is the oldest of its kind and one of the top attractions in San Francisco. Here, you can enjoy documentaries, classic films, and much more. The Little Roxie next door is an excellent addition to the venue, showing edgier flicks for hardcore film buffs.

Galeria de la Raza

This is another must-see gallery, showcasing mural pieces with a distinctive Chicano-Latino influence. To get a feel for the neighbourhood’s vibrant culture and history, catch one of the bi-monthly exhibitions. Otherwise, drop in at any time to admire the artwork.

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