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Keiko a Nob Hill

Not only is this one of the best restaurants in Nob Hill, but it is arguably one of the best restaurants in San Francisco. The local residents in Nob Hill tend to have deep pockets, so it’s no surprise that an upscale French restaurant has landed in the neighbourhood. Keiko is swanky and sophisticated, with the perfect atmosphere for an impressive meeting with clients. Enjoy delectable starters and perfectly balanced main dishes here – but be prepared to empty your wallet at the end of the meal.

Big 4 Restaurant

Pay a visit to the Big 4 Restaurant if you wish to get a taste of San Francisco’s history alongside your meal. The building is well worth exploring before or after your meal, and the dishes are highly memorable. Try the seafood risotto with Maine lobster meat if you’re a seafood lover, or indulge in the rack of lab.


This restaurant is sure to impress any lover of Asian cuisine, with teriyaki, tempura and Maki dishes combining the best flavours and distinctive presentation. The newly renovated Metreon Cinema is located just steps away, making Sanraku the perfect option for a sushi and movie night.


Nob Hill locals are no strangers to brunch, and Olea knows just what works. The organic produce plays a huge part in the quality of these dishes and the popularity of the restaurant, which provides a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy a leisurely meal.

Bourbon and Branch

Although there are plenty of places to eat in Nob Hill, this local favourite better caters to the liquid diet, but it is well worth a mention. The renovated 1923 speakeasy has maintained its probation-era atmosphere, with classic cocktails served in creative styles and a ‘secret library’ for the true enthusiast.

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