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Luxury 1 Bedroom Apartments for Rent in Canberra

Commonwealth of Australia’s federal capital, Canberra has been proudly ranked as the most liveable city in the world in the past. It naturally has a lot to offer to everyone, ideal for all kinds of travelers, be it a group or solo. Coming to Canberra deserves the comfort of a home-like apartment to stay amidst the locals and truly understand what the hype is all about. We believe guests need prime locations to get a taste of all its offerings and must rest well at night to show up best for the next day and that’s how we have extensively curated our abodes. 

A welcoming space where everything from virtual business talks to a small family gathering can be easily done is what we love to provide. Each one of our fully furnished 1 bedroom apartments in Canberra offers a sound living experience for travelers to call home. 

Our Best 1 Bedroom Apartments in Canberra for Corporate and Leisure Stay

Canberra has extravagant locations and our accommodations are cautiously planted in most of those locations. We have each apartment near to the grocery or departmental store so that one doesn’t need to travel much for shopping and basic needs. The apartments stand out for many reasons which may vary from one guest to other. Some of the reasons can be a fully equipped kitchen, sophisticated wooden flooring, finely decorated living room, or an excellent location. In any way, the portfolio of one bedroom apartments in Canberra can help stayers to choose the best for them: 

Facilities in Our 1 Bedroom Apartments in Canberra

The reason to travel to Canberra can be various like business meetings, family vacations, or leisure travel for travel enthusiasts. To offer a vibe exactly like your home, we have everything from a fully equipped kitchen to whip up your breakfast or luxurious bathrooms to relax in. 

For you to make the most of our kitchen facilities, we have all the ingredients and groceries to enjoy your home-style cooking even on a vacation. Bake a cake in the oven or reheat your pizza in the microwave. 

For entertainment, your stay will be supported by luxurious HD television of 42 to 50 inches. The abodes have a free high-speed Wi-Fi facility as well. The apartment has fluffy cozy beds as we know how tired you can get at the end of the day. A beer in bed is all you will need.

Prioritizing health and fitness, the stayers will get gym facilities also. We have planted abodes in the place with minimum noise to make it a peaceful stay. Our guests can very easily find the grocery stores, cafeterias, and departmental stores for everyday needs. 

The apartment has an open windowpane and a balcony. You can also complete your morning meditation routine and quality time with nature without even stepping out of the apartment. Some of the other facilities include:

  • Central heating & air-conditioning
  • Internal car parking
  • Pool access
  • Lift facility
  • Grocery Packs

Contact the reservations team at TheSqua.re to book your 1 bedroom apartment in Canberra, or take a look at our Canberra serviced apartments.

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