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I've heard that there is a BEACH in London!!! Is this true? Has anyone been?

2 answers

Ross    |   

0       Hi Pam! Silly as it may sound, but incredibly - YES! They tend to pop up in various parts of London during the summer seasons, so keep your eyes peeled in Camden and the Docklands from June-Sept!

Ryan    |   


It will surprise most people to know that London does in fact have a beach. Every year during the summer months, Brixton has a special area which transforms into a beach, with distinct Latin American vibes. This uniquely London beach is called Brixton rooftop and visitors can expect plenty of fun including:

  • Music: live music and fabulous djs
  • Salsa classes
  • Pina Coladas, Mojitos and more.
  • The entire space is decorated in exotic flowers and really does resemble an island.
  • Food: try any of the many street food vendors that are present, including Jamaican food and Latin grub.
  • The unique beach also offers exercise classes such as Zumba, Ministry does fitness, yoga, HIIT and more, which takes place on the beach itself.
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