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Hello, I have just arrived in one of the studio apartments in Trocadero. Since the last two days, I have developed a fever which hasn’t subsided even after taking pills. Since I am in Paris for Business, I honestly cannot afford to fall sick. Can someone help me with the best healthcare centre or GP’s clinic in Trocadero? That would mean a lot! Thank you.

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Best Answer 1       Dear Ronald, Thank you for enquiry regarding best healthcare centre or GP’s clinic in Trocadero. please find below the best healthcare center in Trocadero. 1.Comite Entreprise Assoc Clinique Bizet Address: 23 Rue Georges Bizet,75016 Paris 2.Pharmacie des Champs Elysees Address. 84 avenue des Champs Elysées 75008 Paris Hoping for your speedy recovery. Regards, Saurabh
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