Places to Visit in Central Hong Kong

Victoria Peak

One of the top attractions in Hong Kong is Victoria Peak – the mountainous park that offers some of the best views of the city and Victoria Harbour – as well as Kowloon on the other side of the harbour. Visitors can access Victoria Peak by taxi, tram or – if feeling adventurous – a hike, and the trip is entirely worthwhile. If you wish to spend a little more time at Victoria Peak, you will find a good range of restaurants and gift shops nearby.

Star Ferry

Although the city’s incredible underground network might be a more convenient way to cross the harbour, there are few experiences as pleasant as crossing the harbour by ferry. These traditional ferries run between Central Hong Kong and Kowloon – offering spectacular views of the city skyline in both directions. Departing every fifteen minutes, the ferry is an excellent way to explore Kowloon during your time in Central Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Park

Central Hong Kong is a modern and bustling metropolis – and as exciting as that may be, sometimes you just want to escape the crowds. Hong Kong Park is one of the top attractions in Central Hong Kong, and offers both locals and visitors the chance to leave the rush and spend some time with nature. Featuring an aviary, a tea shop and plenty of other natural features and wildlife, the Hong Kong Park is the perfect place for a day out with the kids, with friends, or simply alone with a book. Although you can still see the city’s skyscrapers poking out from above the trees – this park will practically transport you to another world.

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