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North Point to Quarry Bay Promenade:

If you’re planning an extended stay in Hong Kong, you’ll probably want to figure out how to maintain your exercise routine during your travels. Fortunately, in North Point, there is no need for an expensive gym membership. The North Point to Quarry Bay Promenade is a seafront walking route, offering beautiful views of Hong Kong as you stroll. The promenade is rarely too busy, so it is certainly possible to break into a jog too. Visitors will also find outdoor gym equipment dotted along the promenade, so you can even move some metal without hitting the gym. The promenade is at its quietest and sunniest earlier in the morning – so for the best experience, visit around 7am to catch some morning rays.

Chun Yeung Street:

Chun Yeung Street is one of the busiest and most vibrant areas in the neighbourhood, and is one of the top attractions near North Point. On a casual weekend, visitors can wander along the street to take in its authentic original buildings and its new developments. Close to North Point’s Cantonese Opera House and the iconic State Theatre, there is plenty to see and do as you wander along Chun Yeung Street. The street can become incredibly congested with people, and it has somewhat of a reputation for some seedy behaviour – so remain alert and keep your possessions within close reach as you walk. Chun Yeung Street is also the home of North Point’s Wet Market – well worth a visit to pick up some local produce or street food.

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