Places to Visit in Sheung Wan

Man Mo Temple:

For a true taste of culture within the neighbourhood, the Man Mo Temple is one of the top attractions in Sheung Wan. Built as a tribute to Man – the God of Literature – and Mo – the God of War – this temple is frequented by academics looking for success in examinations. Also a popular tourist attraction, the Man Mo Temple exhibits some of the best Chinese temple architecture and offers a tranquil space away from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. Wander aound the temple, take in the intricate designs and lose yourself in the historic place of worship during your stay in Sheung Wan.

Boom Art Gallery Bar:

If you enjoy works of art, but you’re not a fan of the traditionally quiet and stuffy art galleries – then Boom Art Gallery Bar is the place for you. One of the top attractions in Hong Kong for art lovers, this art gallery showcases some of the city’s best work, all whilst running a fully operational bar. Also hosting musical performances ranging from classical ensembles to contemporary singer-songwriters, Boom Art Gallery Bar has become the place to be for creative types in Sheung Wan.

Oddies Foodies:

Sheung Wan boasts a vibrant snack culture, with institutions offering sweet treats and indulgent bites across the neighbourhood. Oddies Foodies is one of these snacking hotspots, creating puffy egg waffles, swirled ice creams and much, much more to indulge the sweet tooths of Sheung Wan. Come along and select your varieties, and you will be presented with a sweet treat that looks almost too good to eat!

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