3 Bedroom Apartments in Houston

Houston Three Bedroom Apartments for Rent

Groups traveling together often prefer an apartment that has plenty of space for everyone to stay and feel comfortable enough to relax, work, or even cook. The 3 bedroom apartments in Houston are the ones you can consider if traveling in groups. The apartment consists of spacious bedrooms for every visitor to sleep in comfort. The cozy abode also has a living area where business teams can work remotely together. 

We aim to provide the ambiance of a lived-in home where every guest can enjoy and bond like a family in the city of Houston. That is where exactly our three-bedroom abodes come into your travel picture. The whole apartment is fully furnished to give families, friends, and colleagues a place to look forward to for days, weeks, or as long as they can. 

Our Best 3 Bedroom Apartments in Houston

Each of our fully-furnished apartments in Houston has its distinct aura, sense of character, and charm. A 3 room abode with all its space and privacy can be a bigger and sensible choice to make when traveling with kids or fellow couples. There will be multiple areas that can please your heart and will manage to impress your mind alike. With separate designed bedrooms or fully equipped kitchens, our 3 bedroom apartments in Houston will prove to be an excellent choice for guests who like to travel premium and in style.

Facilities in Our 3 Bedroom Apartments in Houston 

The requirements of 21st Century travelers are finally getting closer to what they deserve. To ease you with your travel tiredness and your work pressure, we offer abodes that come with well comforting amenities right from the well-equipped living room to luxurious bathrooms with the most relaxing hot showers so that remind you of your home. As the abodes have 3 excellently decorated bedrooms, the apartment will make you feel welcomed every time you step in.

The award-winning portfolio of our luxury 3 bedroom apartments is fully loaded and curated with the requirements of the ideal global traveler. Whether it be a business group or families looking for their next gateway, our thoughtfully curated apartments are loaded with amenities. 

All our beds allow you to take complete rest in the most premium quality mattresses to freshen up for the next day. We have a fully equipped kitchen that makes personal cooking easier and encourages healthier eating habits during the stay. This also allows you the option to cut down your eating-out expenses based on your budget. For your entertainment, you will get a flat-screen TV and a free Wi-Fi connection to enjoy your Netflix shows. Lastly, most of these apartments are pet-friendly, so now you can also have the loveliest furry company with you at this soothing apartment. 

The above-mentioned facilities are a guarantee to make you fall in love with these travel accommodations. Some other amenities can be applied to bookings, especially if the building of the apartment caters to it.

A few of the amenities that can be included at extra costs include:

  • Gym access
  • Rooftop deck
  • Lift access
  • Dry cleaning services
  • Swimming pool access
  • Pet departure clean
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Microwave oven
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Trash can
Bedside Table
Coffee Table
Bathroom amenities (soap, shampoo, etc)
Dinning table and chairs
Bathroom amenities
Toilet Paper
Make Up Mirror
Secure Entry System
Carbon monoxide alarm
Gas Safety check
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