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Paris olympics 2024- 21 things to know

The world is waiting with anticipation for the Paris Olympics 2024. The Games will offer a unique sporting celebration next year. Here are some interesting details about the mega event. 

21 Things about the Next Olympics 2024

Paris olympics 2024

Paris Olympics 2024 (Image courtesy:

Here are some interesting facets of the Olympics 2024 for your perusal: 

1. The Paris Olympics 2024 will take place between 26th July and 11th August next year. The Paralympic Games will be held from 28th August to 8th September. 

2. The Olympics events for rugby and football will start on 24th July, two days prior to the Opening Ceremony. 


"Rugby" Paris Olympics 2024 (Image courtesy:

3. The Paris Olympics 2024 will be held in the city exactly a hundred years after it hosted the event in 1924. 

4. The opening ceremony will not take place in the stadium for the very first time. It will be held on the River Seine. 

opening ceremony at river seine

Opening Ceremony at river seine (Image courtesy:

5. The Olympics 2024 will have a total of 32 sports played, with a total of 329 medal events. 

6. Aquatics has the highest number of medals with a total of 49 events throughout marathon swimming, swimming, water polo, artistic swimming, and diving. Athletics follows next with 48 events. 

Swimming at olympics

"Swimming" Paris Olympics 2024 (Image courtesy:

7. 10,500 athletes are expected to be in attendance for the event next year. The final competitor count will be confirmed after the Olympic Qualifier Series concludes. 

8. The 2024 edition of the Olympics will have a new sport, namely breaking. This is a dance-based sport where there will be competitions for both men and women. 16 B-Boys and 16 B-Girls will go head-to-head in solo contests. 


"Breaking" Paris Olympics 2024 (Image courtesy:

9. The Olympics 2024 will have 35 venues, with 14 sites to host 24 Olympics sports within only 10 kilometres of the Olympic Village. 

10. Some events of the next Olympics 2024 will take place at famous venues in Paris. For instance, beach volleyball will take place at the Champ de Mars beneath the Eiffel tower. Urban sports will take place at La Concorde and fencing and taekwondo competitions will be held at the Grand Palais. The Marathon will begin at the Hotel De Ville. 

 beach volleyball at the Champ de Mars

Beach volleyball at the Champ de Mars (Image courtesy:

11. The Olympics will also cover other regions in France. The football tournament will cover Nantes, Bordeaux, Saint-Etienne, Lyon, Marseille, and Nice. Sailing will also take place in Marseille, while Lille will host some team sports competitions. 

12. The Olympic Games will also take place in the French territory of Tahiti for the very first time. The surfing contest will be held on the famous Teahupoo wave of the island. 

surfing at Teahupo

Surfing at Teahupoo (Image courtesy:

13. Sailing will have two new categories at the Paris Olympics 2024, namely IQFoil or windsurfing and Kite surf or formula kite. 

14. A new event will be introduced in the canoe category which is called Extreme slalom. There will be four athletes tipping off the ramp simultaneously, with the winner being the one reaching the bottom of the course first. Men and women will have an event each in this category. 

extreme slalom

"Extreme slalom" Paris Olympics 2024 (Image courtesy:

15. The Olympic Games will also witness three new mixed events. These include the waking mixed relay for 35 kilometres (athletics), Skeet mixed team event (shooting), and mixed Dinghy (sailing). 

16. Sport climbing, which was introduced in 2021 at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, will have a change in its format. There will be two medal events for both men and women. One will be a combined bouldering and lead event and one will be a speed climbing competition. 

sport climbing

"sport climbing" Paris Olympics 2024 (Image courtesy:

17. Around 10 million tickets are expected to be available for sale for the next Olympics 2024. Prices are expected to start from 24 Euros while the lowest prices will be around15 Euros for the Paralympic sports. 

18. The format of the Modern Pentathlon will also change, covering 90 minutes. It will start with riding, followed by fencing bonus rounds and swimming. The final round will be the laser run that combines running and shooting. Every sport will have 5-15-minute breaks in between. 

laser run shooting

"Modern Pentathlon" Paris Olympics 2024 (Image courtesy:

19. The Olympic Games will have an IOC Refugee Team. The first such team participated in the 2016 edition of the event in Rio. 

20. The Olympic Flame will arrive in the country after crossing the Mediterranean Sea. It will mark the celebrations from 8th May, 2024 onwards in Marseille. This will cover four months throughout France. The opening ceremony will start after the Olympic Torch relay ends. 

 Olympic Flame

"Olympic Flame" Paris Olympics 2024 (Image courtesy:

21. There will be 762 sessions for the events, with 19 days of competitions. The first official day is 27th July, 2024, which will have the time trial for men and women, along with events for cycling, rugby, fencing, judo, diving, skateboarding, swimming, and shooting. 

All finals for the athletics and swimming events will be held in the evenings from 19:00 and 20:30 (the last day will have a timing of 18:30) onwards respectively. The middle period of 3rd to 4th August will have medal events for judo, table tennis, fencing, archery, athletics, cycling, equestrian, golf, artistic gymnastics, rowing, swimming, and badminton. The last day, i.e. 11th August, will have the track cycling, weightlifting, and wrestling events for women. The women’s basketball final is also scheduled for the final day. The Closing Ceremony will take place thereafter. 

Some other interesting things about the 2024 Paris Olympics

The Paris Olympics 2024 will have a unique Champions Park that will help fans meet and celebrate with their favourite athletes. All medal winners will be invited to share their stories and interact with fans at Trocadero for the very first time. Each day will have celebrations of the medal winners from the earlier day who have completed their competitions. Live screenings will also be held along with cultural and other performances. Club France will be a space for celebrating the achievements of French athletes in the same format. 


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