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Given its central location, the City of Westminster is in proximity to countless historical sites of significance, many of which have come to define London in the eye of the visitor.

Within walking distance of each other, Buckingham, the residence of the Queen, and St James’ Palace are two of the most senior royal palaces in the United Kingdom. With almost a thousand year’s history between them, countless coronations and moments of community history, Buckingham and St James’ Palace are worth making time to visit.

Given the City of Westminster’s central location, one would expect leafy parks to be non-existent. However, Hyde Park and Regent’s Park, two of the largest parks in central London, are the exception. Throughout the course of the year, various events including occur at both Hyde Park and Regent’s Park.

No visit to London would be complete without experiencing the unique ambiance of the West End. London's West End is famous for its diverse range of theatres- there’s always something to watch for everyone.

Constructed circa 1016, the Houses of Parliament are one of the most iconic buildings in Britain. In the surrounding vicinity you will find Westminster Abbey- an architectural masterpiece constructed between the 13th and 16th century, - Big Ben- the famous clock tower adjoined to the Houses of Parliament- and the Tower Bridge.

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