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Although Belgravia is famed for its reputation as one of the most exclusive and wealthy districts in London, Belgravia is defined by countless leafy squares that are worth visiting. Given the stunning beauty of the architecture in Belgravia, Wilton Crescent, Lowndes Square, Chester Square and Eaton Square are worth visiting-each area features plaques that detail the history of the district of Belgravia.

Constructed in the early 18th century, Buckingham Palace, the residence of the Royal Family, is within walking distance of Belgravia. There are few buildings across the globe that are steeped in as much historical significance as Buckingham Palace, making a visit to this iconic building a must. Hyde Park, located on the outskirts of the palace, is one of London’s largest parks and provides a place to momentarily escape the city. During the summer, Hyde Park host regular open air concerts and performances-so be sure to consult their website for further details.

A picturesque walk through the tree-lined streets will lead you to Sloane Square, the home of Cadogan Halls. A stunning venue for the presentation of live music, BBC Radio 3 host their lunchtime performances at Cadogan Halls. Next door, Cadogan Place Garden is an exquisitely landscaped and maintained English communal garden that is relatively quiet considering it is a stone’s throw away from Kings Road-  one of London’s most famous shopping streets.

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