Canary Wharf Attractions

Canary Wharf is about more than just shopping. With the richness of film, music, theatre, fashion, art and a lot more, Canary Wharf is recognized as the perfect destination for a fabulous day out. It is also home to some unique attractions including:

  • Traffic Light Tree: a structure made up of 75 traffic lights, it was created by Pierre Vivant. It is believed that the tree portrays the fast paced lifestyle synonymous with those who work in Canary Wharf.
  • Centaur: A monument located in Canary Wharf’s Montgomery Square, it depicts a horse with a male torso and is the creation of sculptor Igor Mitoraj.
  • Canada Square Park: a great place to go ice skating amongst trees.
  • One Canada Square: Visit the lobby for a spectacular view, 770 feet above ground level.
  • Museum of the London Docklands: Situated inside a 200-year-old warehouse, the Museum of London Docklands tells the history of River Thames, the growth of Docklands and London’s history as a trading port. You can get insights of London’s port trade through a wealth of objects and pictures placed in the galleries.

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