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The shopping behemoth Westfield, located in White City, dominates much of Hammersmith’s retail industry. Providing a convenient collection of retail giants, entertainment facilities, cafes and restaurants, the Westfield is the apotheosis of contemporary shopping experience.

However, small, independent retailers still thrive in Hammersmith. King Street in Hammersmith has its own selection of great shops, and Fulham Broadway is a wonderful experience that infuses your nostrils with the aroma of street food whilst shopping.

Shepherds Bush Market, a stalwart in the streets of Hammersmith for over fifty years, is vibrant, friendly and well-stocked.  Shepherds Bush Market is renowned for providing an array of international street food, vintage clothing and antiques. A broad multi-cultural market, at Shepherds Bush Market you are sure to find yourself lost in a variety of products not available on the high street.

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