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For clothing, visit Annies Vintage Costume and Textiles, Cloud Cuckoo Land, Trendy’s, Home to Be, Diverse, Comfort and Joy, Hardwear, Maia, Mad Fashion Bitch and Reiss.

You can find lovely antiques in Islington at the Camden Passage Antiques Market. Whether you desire a piece of art deco jewellery or some Pottery, the market offers it all. There are around 200 dealers selling interesting items at affordable prices. It’s worth at least a glance. Other places selling antiques include Out of the Attic, Max-Oliver and Fandango.

Islington also houses several lifestyle stores meant to make a beautiful home. Head to Twentytwentyone, After Noah, Origin Modernism, The Plant Room, Glass House, Frame Factory, Coexistence, Cebu and Chest of Drawers for a ‘feel-good’ experience.

Jewellery is offered at City Clocks, Dinny Hall, Canal, Jewel and Eclectica.

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