Places to Eat in Mayfair

During your visit to Mayfair, make sure you treat yourself to a delicious meal. The area offers an extensive range of restaurants. Enjoy the cheapest yet high quality lobster in one of the most expensive areas of Mayfair. Hit Burger and Lobster for a treat you will always remember. For a classy experience, visit the chic Cecconi’s. Here you can enjoy everything from delicious spaghetti to egg white omelette. You must not miss Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, one of the most successful and popular restaurants in the world. The menu is French and the techniques are a lovely combination of old and contemporary. The Italian influenced Murano also deserves a special mention. This small and unique, Michelin-starred restaurant adds to the culinary charm of Mayfair.

Some of the other restaurants include Hibiscus, Wild Honey, Texture, Scott’s, Hix Mayfair, Polpo, China Tang, Corrigan's Mayfair and Dehesa to name a few.

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