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A hub of trade of tourism, Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, and as such attracts millions of visitors every year. No matter the length of stay, the right accommodation can make or break any trip, so it’s no wonder why so many travellers are choosing furnished apartments over more public city hotels. These handy travel hubs combine privacy and flexibility in the heart of Dubai, and can be rented on a monthly basis for guests’ convenience.

Acting as self-contained homes away from home, these monthly basis accommodation options allow guests to come and go as they please, exploring the best of Dubai from the comfort of a personal palace. Not only this, but the apartments also come furnished with a host of modern amenities to make every stay as memorable as possible.

Featuring flat screen TVs, complimentary Wi-Fi and spacious living and sleeping quarters, furnished apartments guarantee relaxing nights for all guests. Though Dubai offers a wide selection of bars and restaurants catering to all tastes, the inclusion of fully equipped kitchens allows for the preparation of home-cooked meals whenever at visitors’ convenience. And whether renting on a weekly or a monthly basis, the cosy and quiet bedrooms help ensure that visitors will be well rested for the entire duration of their trip.

A city like Dubai offers many neighbourhoods in which to choose residence, so a choice of where to stay is often made on the basis of personal preference. Guests staying in Jumeirah can benefit from close proximity to a number of gorgeous beaches, as well as the Marina and famous Palm and World Islands. Furnished apartments in the Downtown district will be close to many businesses and classy eateries. And for those who enjoy the occasional shopping spree, there are a number of malls located throughout central Dubai that offer monthly sales on many items.

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