Furnished Apartments For Rent, Dublin, Ireland

Furnished Apartments For Rent In Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is a destination that needs no introduction. It’s seen by those who haven’t visited as somewhere on the holiday bucket list. As for those that have, they’re just usually keen to get back there!

It’s a place which seems to have a little bit of everything. It’s a workplace, a city of culture and an adult playground all rolled into one.

With so much going on it soon becomes obvious that Dublin isn’t a place that can be fully appreciated solely on a day trip. Multiple day stays are needed in order to fully appreciate the place. For that, accommodation is needed.

As a city it has plenty of hotels, of course, but what a lot of people may not know is that there are plenty of furnished apartments to rent in Dublin. They come in a range of sizes, are conveniently located and often work out more cost effective than a stay in a hotel.

The more people know about furnished apartments Dublin Ireland the more popular they are becoming as a serious accommodation option. They provide a convenient location but also provide all the home comforts that make a stay extra special.

The apartments are ideally located in the most popular places across Dublin. As expected, this includes the city centre but also in peaceful places like Ballsbridge, to not quite so peaceful areas such as Temple Bar.

Whatever the reason for visiting Dublin there is an ideal location to stay in. The apartment can be used as a base for exploring the city or as a home from home from which one can travel to work. They are also often near public transport hubs, so all parts of the city can be easily reached, as can the outskirts which also often have interesting places to visit too.

Business people have the choice of staying in the city centre, or having an apartment in a quiet place such as Ballsbridge, which is leafy and serene but very close to the business district too.

Furnished apartments rentals in Dublin are popular because they provide a home like set up that is often missed on trips away, especially those undertaken for work purposes.

Apartments from TheSqua.re are only made available once they have met a strict list of criteria. Criteria that have a strong emphasis on comfort.

All of them are spacious with all having living quarters as well as the number of bedrooms that are required. All of these rooms are decorated tastefully and are comfortable places to spend time. 

A flat screen TV is obligatory, as is high speed Wi-Fi, the latter being essential in today’s modern world.

The thing which sets these apartments in a class ahead of hotels however, has to be the kitchen spaces. These are equipped with everything expected from a home kitchen, including cookers, microwaves and fridges, as well as all the utensils needed to cook almost any meal.

There are a number of advantages in being able to cook home made meals whilst away from home. One of these is cost. Dublin isn’t the most expensive city in the world but eating out still costs a lot of money. It’s far cheaper to eat in every now and again, it allows more money to be allocated to Guinness for a start!

Another reason, for business people mainly, is that it provides a base for a dinner or meeting at no extra cost.

Furnished apartments in Dublin Ireland are available all over the city. The first decision to be made before any trip involves ensuring that the location of accommodation is suitable.

In this case, whether it’s the city centre, Ballsbridge, the Docklands or Temple Bar, Thesqua.re has the most suitable accommodation available.

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