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Short Term Lets in Dun Laoghaire

Dublin is the Republic of Ireland’s top tourist attraction, with the capital city welcoming more visitors each year than any other part of the country. However, many people will also be aware that County Dublin offers a whole other world away from the main urban area, boasting some of Ireland’s most picturesque coastline. Dun Laoghaire, with its painted villas, seafront parks and sailing clubs, has been attracting visitors since Victorian times and offers the traditional seaside experience as it was always meant to be. What’s more, those who find themselves tempted by the city always have the option to head into Dublin proper to enjoy its famous nightlife. Naturally, there are plenty of hotels and guest houses in the area, but one means of accommodation that is becoming increasingly popular is the private apartment. Short term lets in Dun Laoghaire offer guests their own private space to enjoy their stay, whilst still offering many of the benefits one might expect from traditional holiday accommodation. 

TheSqua.re presents a selection of short term lets in Dun Laoghaire - each having been selected according to exacting criteria to ensure guests get the best properties available in the area. The main advantage of private apartments is their flexibility. For example, solo travellers and couples have the option to rent a studio or small apartment, whilst larger properties and houses can accommodate groups and families. Furthermore, as guests don’t have to concern themselves with the hassle of checking in/out at a front desk or base their dining plans around hotel mealtimes. Finally, staying in a genuine home means having a much more personal and authentic experience of Dun Laoghaire. 

Short term lets in Dun Laoghaire provide everything guests need to get the most out of their stay. Each property not only offers a comfortable and stylish space in which guests can relax, but they also provide a host of conveniences and home comforts, such as complimentary wifi and modern home entertainment systems. The inclusion of full kitchen facilities also opens up the option for self-catering, which makes private lets particularly suitable for families or those planning an extended stay in Dun Laoghaire. 

The coastal towns of County Dublin represent an almost forgotten world - tranquil, picturesque seaside resorts that have been left unspoilt by modernisation. In Dun Laoghaire, visitors can stroll along the mile-long Pier Walk, watch the sailing boats in the harbour or explore the immaculate Victorian gardens. The town is known for its aesthetic appeal, with an old-world charm that cannot be found in any other part of the world. However, Dun Laoghaire and its surrounding coastline also has plenty to offer the modern, more adventurous traveller. There are plenty of challenging hikes to be had, not to mention kite surfing, water sports and boating excursions. 

Those staying in Dun Laoghaire also have numerous options when it comes to exploring the county. Of course, Dublin city centre is just eight miles from the town, with numerous bus routes operating throughout the day. What’s more, there are also several other beautiful towns and areas to explore locally, such as Malahide, Dalkey and Howth. It is also possible to make excursions to Wicklow Mountains National Park or the stunning town of Bray in County Wicklow. In fact, anyone staying in Dun Laoghaire will find it opens up numerous options for exploring some of Ireland’s most picturesque coastal towns as well as the country’s most populous urban areas. 

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