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Amsterdam, once the very centre of Europe during the Dutch Golden Age, is a treat all in itself. Full of unique attractions and sublime culture, a stay in the city is one that many travellers will not regret. But aside from all the legions of things to do, expats that are choosing Amsterdam for a long term stay need somewhere to call home.

And that’s where Amsterdam’s expat housing comes into it. The living spaces are more than suitable for long term stays, and can easily become a home in no time. They feature all the usual bits, and some even come with a few extras that will make the long stay even more comfortable and unforgettable.

Within Amsterdam’s expat housing options guests will find a fully equipped kitchen to cook all the delicious meals they want, a cosy living space to kick back after a long day, a flat screen TV to watch the delights of Dutch entertainment, a dining table to entertain guests and a bed to rest and recharge in preparation for the day ahead. Each one of these features creates a living space that no traveller will have issues calling home.

But everyone knows that Amsterdam can be daunting for the uninitiated traveller, with areas that have varying aspects of character. First-time guests that want the best of Amsterdam in short distance from their serviced accommodation should choose the neighbourhoods of Centrum, De Pijp, Museumkwartier, Grachtengordel and Oostelijk Havengebied for their stay; the fully equipped living spaces alone will make staying in these areas more than memorable.

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