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Furnished Apartments for Rent in Amsterdam


Visiting Amsterdam, a busy yet beautiful city where everyone is engaged in making the most every single day, can be very hectic. Having Amsterdam on your list for business tours or personal tours can always stand out as the best option, with its mesmerizing beauty and charm. Having a ready-to-move serviced apartment in Amsterdam to come back to can be a life-saving option that can not only save your trip but also change the way you feel about travel accommodations. We have fully furnished apartments in Amsterdam where you just have to check-in, place your luggage, and leave the responsibility of making you feel at home to us. You don’t have to focus on space, privacy, security, or storage as our apartment has plenty of them all. 


Our best-furnished Apartments in Amsterdam


We have a very well sketched portfolio of our furnished homely abodes in Amsterdam. The portfolio has the apartments that are chosen carefully, keeping in mind your comfort, taste, and convenience. Whether you are traveling solo or in a group, the apartment sets have enough space for you and your group to spread out, even though they are fully furnished. For your convenience, we picked up the best 5 furnished apartments. Whatever be your choice, the satisfaction will be of utmost love and a homely vibe. Some of our top furnished apartments in Amsterdam: 

  • Amstel Delight III Serviced Apartment 
  • Noorderstraat Serviced Apartment 
  • Anne Frank House- Oud-West Serviced Apartment 


Why should you book a furnished apartment in Amsterdam?


Furnished apartments are unquestionable and have all time-saving qualities both for business accommodation and leisure accommodation. Most travelers choose furnished apartments as they find everything ready to use here without paying huge tariffs for it and also crave the familiarity of their own house. 


These apartments will provide you with a local atmosphere and a perfect comforting zone so that you can relax while on a holiday. Each apartment will provide you with the room to work, cook, relax, get a taste of nature, and even sleep comfortably to charge up. These homes also come with added privacy that will comfort you as you unwind. 


Facilities in Our furnished Apartments in Amsterdam


Travelers who value comfort and style will stick with these abodes curated carefully as per 21st-century tastes and benchmarks. Starting from the living room, the entire place has wooden flooring with a central heating facility followed by kitchens that are prepared for your clean eating regimes therefore, they are fully equipped with groceries, utensils, pans, and all possible ingredients. The bathroom is also equipped with all the necessary things so that you don’t have to rush outside for every little thing. 


The abodes are planted near every grocery store and departmental store to save your time and keep you connected with the neighborhood. Working so hard all day will need some leisure time or sightseeing for the entire day wins you some worthy bedtime. To cover all of your indoor entertainment, we have a Wi-Fi facility and flat-screen TV of up to 32 inches with a standard cable package. 


We want you to feel fully secure even if some unalarmed situations confront you. Smoke alarms and fire resistance regulators in these furnished apartments in Amsterdam will keep you sorted. 

All our properties have been verified by experienced property managers.

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