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Zurich is located in the north western end of Lake Zurich, the city expanding out between two forested ranges of hills and two rives Sihl and Limmat flow through the city. Nevertheless, Zurich is one of the busiest cities in Switzerland and holds an important place in the European continent. The financial hub of Switzerland has been witnessing a high number of tourists and business visitors thronging to this chocolate haven every year, each one of them interested in the clean streets, scenery,  churches, museums, parks, lakes, zoo and the Alps. Zurich is a city that is also known for its business activities and the place being the financial hub of Europe, many travellers are professionals who travel for work.

Studio rentals in Zurich are a perfect choice for travellers who are always on the go as they never have to compromise on their stay as they experience the best amenities and comfort on offer. They are usually spacious and have all amenities within easy reach in the accommodation and are deliciously open plan for added convenience. These spaces are unique for business and leisure travellers because they are designed to deliver a homely and engaging environment that they will be proud to come back to at the end of long days.

At TheSqua.re our studios feature a living room, an attached fully equipped kitchen (where the travellers can cook up anything that they want to), bathrooms that are well-maintained (and have bathtubs and air-dryers), and other electronic equipment that includes a flat-screen TV, Wi-Fi, air-conditioner and heater. TheSqua.re’s studios are all centrally located and surrounded by woodlands and greenery. All the tourist attractions aren’t far away, which allows guests to come back to the studio after sight-seeing, have cooked meals and get a good sleep. Another advantage is that the studios are centrally located and the markets are walkable distance so guests can easily go for morning walks and look around the city.  

As a city, Zurich represents the very best of Switzerland, with a whole load of attractions and landmarks that show off its history and place in modern Europe. From the likes of the Grossmunster (one of the four major churches in the city), the Bahnhofstrasse (the city’s main shopping avenue and one of the most expensive streets in the world), the Lake Zurich (a great spot for a few snaps) and the Swiss National Museum (showcases Switzerland’s prehistory right through to the modern times), the city offers all the cultural riches that guests require to fill up their short time in the city, and to gain insight into Swiss culture and traditions. Plus, our studios can be found close to some of the above landmarks, so after a long day in the board room and sitting nervously through business lunches guests can have a walk around the top landmarks to ease tension and relax before the next meeting.

And finally, our deluxe studios can be found all over Zurich, so guests can be in high-end spots, or even less populated areas, throughout their short or long stay in the city. Whether guests want to be in the Old Town, Langstrasse, Zürich-West, Wiedikon and City Centre, we can supply the ideal apartment in the perfect spot. Naturally, guests want to be close to where their business colleagues are (if they’re here on business) or close to the city’s best attractions (if they’re here for leisure) and don’t want to be scattered all over the city, especially if they don’t know their surroundings. So we make it easier by finding a spot that is convenient for their needs and requirements.

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