Dundee Shopping

The Overgate Shopping Centre

Big brands dominate this thoroughly modern shopping centre. With the likes of Sports Direct, H&M, Costa, Goldsmiths and more you’ll be able to shop around for the accessories that you need or simply enjoy window shopping. You can also marvel at the long curved glass design that elevates the shopping experience to a whole new level.

Also, there are fresh food vending machines fitted around the shopping centre. So if you need vitamins fast, all you have to do is get them from the machine.

The Wellgate Shopping Centre

From Burger King to Subway and Superdrug to The Perfume Shop, this shopping centre has a few little extras which will come in handy if you’re a shopping addict. Big brands, small brands; there’s everything in here for you to enjoy.

Indie Markets

Every so often Dundee’s jewellers, artisans, designers and food traders gather to create pop-up markets in the city centre. If you like funding independent businesses or simply perusing the weird and wonderful then these markets are the right place for you.

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