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Dublin is one of Ireland's best-known tourist attractions which has been attracting authors and thinkers for generations because of its friendly people. In 1861, the Mater Hospital was established. More than 300 consultants and experts bring their patients here to receive high-quality treatment and exceptional care all around the country. Patients (especially cardiac) from around the world come here to get treated and our accommodation near Mater Private Hospital simply comforts them in this tough time.

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These abodes are all about making you feel at home with the most premium beddings, cheerful décor, welcoming interiors, furnishings that take care of all your luggage and work juggle, bathrooms to offer you hot showers after a tiring day at the hospital, and a lot more.

Where to Stay near Mater Private Hospital?

Accommodation near Mater Private Hospital is located near the trendy Grand Canal Dock, the hike to The Howth Cliff Walk, and the historic Ballsbridge District. These gems fall around Lansdowne Road, Barrow Street, Wellington Road, Gordon Street, and more.

You can skip the stressful part of moving and buying furniture, figuring out the internet and utilities as we offer Furnished Apartments in Dublin with all the options. The apartment features free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and all the amenities you need to live comfortably during this tough visit to the hospital. 

Facts about Dublin:
Dublin is one of the most fascinating places to be at. While you are visiting the city for checkups, a hop around our centrally-located accommodation near Mater Private Hospital would surely cheer you up. Here are some of the interesting facts about the area:

  • Approximately 50% of Dublin's population is under 25, making it Europe's youngest city.
  • The name Dublin comes from the Old Irish Gaelic phrase "Black Pool."
  • James Joyce and George Bernard Shaw, both Nobel Prize winners, are notable residents of Dublin.
  • In Europe, it is said that the O'Connell bridge in Dublin is the only bridge that is both wide and long. 
  • Renowned musicians like Sinead O'Connor and the Dubliners are from Ireland. 
  • Vikings arrived in the 9th century and built a settlement here. It was referred to as the "Norse Kingdom of Dublin" at the time. Trinity College alumni include Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker, and Jonathan Swift.
  • There are no mountains in Dublin. Sugarloaf is Dublin's tallest mountain. However, its elevation is merely 1389 feet. 
  • Taxi drivers in Dublin make about four times as much as the average worker in the city. Taxi drivers in Dublin make more than 90% of their customers' money.

Weather in Dublin:

Due to its location on the coast, Dublin has a mild climate. The lowest average temperature is 6 degrees Celsius in January–February, and the highest is 20 degrees Celsius in July–August. During May and June, there is an average of four hours of sunlight every day. Although the highlands receive more rain, the average annual rainfall is between 760 and 1,000 mm. Winter is short-lived, with less than ten days of snowfall each year on average. Nonetheless, our accommodation near Mater Private Hospital will take good care of you all year round.

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