Luxury Apartments Amsterdam

Luxury Apartments in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the very few cities in the world that travelers want to visit again and again. The same holds true for leisure as well as business travelers alike. For everyone visiting the city, staying in expensive resorts and hotels is not a very wise option especially when the stay is longer. Travelers need a living space that offers them all the amenities of a resort, yet is compact with an open plan and a vibe that compliments the fast-paced lives that one’s used to. That’s where our luxury apartments in Amsterdam come into the equation. They are perfect to suit the taste of both business and leisure travelers who seek solace in a totally new destination. 

Our Best Luxury Apartments in Amsterdam

Even for us, it’s difficult to pick and choose our best luxury apartments in Amsterdam, however, we have curated a list that suits the taste and is specific to the requirements of business and leisure travelers. Regardless of where they are on the list, each luxury apartment has all the key facilities for modern living, and they are designed eclectically to create the ideal space to relax, for both long and short-term stays. A few of our top studio serviced apartments in Amsterdam include:



Why Should You Book a Luxury Apartment in Amsterdam?

Luxury Apartments are the nouveau style of global travel for business and leisure travelers. They have an open plan design with a plethora of amenities that make them a necessity in modern-day tourism. With well-appointed spaces such as bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living, these studio serviced apartments offer a great stay to spend your holidays or visit Amsterdam for a business meeting. Whatever be the reason for travel, our guests will always feel at home, given the eclectic mix of decor, amenities, and space that there is.

Facilities in Our Luxury Apartments in Amsterdam

No matter wherever you go, you will long for that personal touch to your living space that makes you feel at home. In today’s modern travel, one needs a bespoke touch. At TheSqua.re, our apartments are elegant and stylish and boast of everything a traveler would need to explore the area at their own pace. From a flat-screen TV in the living room where you can laze around watching your favorite shows to fully equipped kitchens for you to cook your own healthy meals. These apartments come with a cozy bed that helps you unwind after a tiring day. Our complimentary Wi-Fi ensures you are never remote even if you’re working remotely. It also means you can always stay in touch with friends and family and post those amazing photographs of your trip on social media. Moreover, there are other additional amenities that can be made available at an extra cost such as a gym, concierge services to add that extra touch of luxury. There can also be rooftop decks or cafes in some of the apartments or even meeting rooms for those traveling for business. 


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