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Luxury Serviced Apartments in North London

Staying in London sometimes needs that extra kick. That special something that creates a stay that is unrivalled in every possible feature. When business and leisure travellers heading to North London feel that they need a stay like no other, they choose our luxury apartments. All of them feature the usual amenities but have additional features that can’t be found anywhere else, or they have inter designs that are unmatched in any other quarter. High ceilings, spacious living quarters, the possibility of gym access and concierge services, our portfolio is always here to deliver the very best.

Our Top Luxury Apartments in North London

There is always going to be the cream of the crop, even when luxury is involved. Within our award-winning portfolio, our unique set of serviced apartments exude the fine designs that come with the term “luxury”. Little extras and central locations are all part of their appeal as are the interior layouts and niche furnishings that alleviate them to a whole new level.

These are the luxury apartments in North London that we recommend to our guests:

Why Should You Book Luxury Apartments in North London?

When the word “luxury” is involved, why else shouldn’t guests book our apartments? They have everything that they love about modern travel and more. Our living spaces are richly decorated with guests in mind so they can have a high-class experience and live the London life that not everyone can get. It comes at an extra cost but it is more than worth it if exuberance and style are desired. Plus, North London itself is a fine and strapping area of the city that has plenty of charm and quality around thanks to its characteristic pubs, bright parks and packed markets. It’s fair to say that our luxury apartments add their own bit of colour to this very popular part of London.

Facilities in Our Luxury Apartments in North London

What does luxury look like? Well, the interior of our apartments can show that in no time at all. Upon entering our luxury apartments, guests will have access to a range of facilities that they already have at home and more that will take the accommodation to the next level of enjoyment. A fully equipped kitchen more than guarantees healthy home cooking, while the TV is more than ideal to watch all the trashy content a guest wants. The free Wi-Fi keeps more options open for content, connects loved ones together and provides the opportunity to work from the spacious luxury home rather than heading into the crowded office. High quality linens ensure the perfect night’s sleep and the overall designs and layout deliver comfort and convenience at every level, every day.

As these are luxury apartments, there are always going to be hidden extras, facilities that add to the standard experience. Part of the rate (or added cost) will include some of the following amenities if they’re available at the residence:

  • Gym
  • Sauna
  • Spa
  • Concierge services
  • Business centre
  • Rooftop deck

Where Can You Find Our Luxury Apartments in North London?

Luxury can be found in any quarter of North London - but it does need to be searched for. Each district has its own vibe and thus its own appreciation of luxury, as does every guest. Depending on what they’re used to back home, some districts and apartments will feel more luxurious than others. Either way, our portfolio of luxury apartments is spread out over the north part of the city so guests can live the top lifestyle in one of the most characteristic slices of London.

These are some of the areas where guests can book luxury apartments in North London:

  • Camden - The quirky hotspot for young professionals, this is where street food, ales, streets stalls, trinkets, boutiques and other assorted treasures can be enjoyed and purchased thanks to the famous Camden Market that is always a great Saturday hangout. 
  • Shoreditch - One of many hipster hotspots, this district has restaurants and diners, along with independent businesses. Every Friday, the worlds of business and leisure share the same bars and rub shoulders.
  • Hoxton - Next to Old Street, there are an exhaustive array of bars and restaurants that create the perfect atmosphere for those that want a livelier stay in London.
  • Islington - Popular with young professionals, the area has its own old pubs and greenery to attract visitors as well as robust connections to the capital thanks to the Overground and the Victoria line.
  • Angel - Adjacent to Islington, this is where a few wild bars, shops and cinemas can be found for entertainment and fun through highly pressurised weeks at the office.
  • Hampstead - With more millionaires in its boundaries than any other segment of Britain, guests may see a few famous faces going about their day.
  • Kilburn - Mainstream stores, traditional pubs, and chain burger bars lure people to the area so they can chill and enjoy the boisterous vibes.
  • Swiss Cottage - With a great selection of family-friendly restaurants, shops, Primrose Hill, Regent's Park and Hampstead Heath, it’s not hard to fathom why so many choose this North London district.

Attractions Near Our Luxury Apartments in North London

London is full of attractions in every quarter. Places of interest like galleries, museums, old pubs, galleries, parks and all the rest abound with every step that’s taken. Exploring the new destination is what travelling is for, or otherwise, what is the point? To save time on commutes, our luxury apartments are never too far from the best that North London has to offer. A quick taxi ride or tube journey is all that needs to be taken.

Below are some of the attractions that our guests can visit when they stay with us:

  • Hampstead Heath - With well over 790 acres to explore and conquer, this grassy public space is full of tired London joggers, wannabe athletes trying to look the part, families entertaining their kids and sunbathers taking advantage of an increase in the British sunshine. Forget Hyde Park, this is the park to visit.
  • British Library - With 170-200 million objects safely tucked away in its vaults, the British Library holds most of the UK’s catalogued treasures like the Magna Carta and official treaties made with global partners.
  • King’s Cross - While the station is a popular hangout for Harry Potter fans,  there are other treats aside from the Harry Potter shop to be discovered. Restaurants and other secrets can be found by those willing to look. 
  • Camden Market - The ever-crowded market has numerous foods, stalls and sights as well as priceless collectables that can be found in some of the stalls. In short, a real bargain can truly be discovered.
  • British Museum - Ancient Egypt to present-day Britain is all on show for those fascinated by the rise and decline of civilizations that have shaped the history of the globe. Temporary exhibitions are available to offer in-depth and specific lectures on eras or nations that go overlooked in their contributions to the world.
  • Charles Dickens Museum - Arguably Britain’s most famous author, Charles Dickens and his former residence in a typical Georgian terraced house are the highlight of this museum. Visitors can learn the ins and outs of one of the literary world’s true geniuses. 
  • Foundling Museum - This outstanding museum tells the story of London’s first home for children at risk of abandonment. An enlightening story that touches the heart, its detailed artworks and displays help to enforce the might of the human spirit.
  • Bloomsbury Theatre - A whole new world of drama, comedy and adventure is ready to be experienced once visitors book their tickets.
  • London Canal Museum - The history of the city’s canal network and how this influenced the way of life for some parts of the city is the main focus of this underrated and underappreciated museum.
  • Primrose Hill - Adjacent from Regent’s Park, it features the eponymous hill that’s 63 metres high and is a great spot to kick a ball with friends and family or to take an evening stroll.

Best Restaurants Near Our Luxury Apartments in North London

Eating out is never difficult when our luxury apartments are taken into consideration. Their central locations bring the best eateries of North London within short distances. They will never have to walk for miles, suffer long taxi journeys or stay crammed on a tube to taste good food. A quick excursion is all it takes to savour the multiple cuisines that fill the restaurants of North London. Like the rest of the city, every part of the world can be savoured if one looks and researches before heading on out. After a day at a museum, gallery or taking numerous pics for Instagram followers, a meal outside of the apartment is maybe what real luxury feels like. There’s nothing like being waited on with an extortionate yet divine menu to quell the hunger.

Some of the top restaurants near our luxury apartments in North London include:

  • La Patagonia - An exposed brick barrio-style setting, the dishes here represent the finest of homestyle Argentinian cuisine. Plus, there are regular tango nights for an added bit of fun.
  • Trufflesecco - The highlights here are in the name; truffles and prosecco. This trendy establishment is where visitors can enjoy Tuscan foods and tasteful Italian wines whenever they want strong and flavoursome foods.
  • The Dublin Castle - An indie establishment, the restaurant is decorated with band posters and has an eclectic menu to suit the atmosphere. Meanwhile, in the backroom, it hosts new music to go with the flow and to lure in the crowds.
  • The Lock Tavern - A very busy and enduringly popular lockside pub with a roof terrace, vibrant music events complement the delicious servings of British pie and mash.
  • The Albion - Those looking for servings of British comfort food to alleviate the stresses of the day will do well to come to, this elegant family-friendly Georgian pub. Its extensive garden provides another spot to eat.
  • Radici - A Rustic appeal defines this southern Italian establishment. Offering tasty dishes served in laid-back quarters, the bar and outside terrace provide easy top-ups and views alongside delicious meals.
  • Comedor Grill - A new kind of eatery, this Pan-South American restaurant offers succulent food to fill its consumers while the dining room adds a new flavour and texture to the proceedings thanks to the abstract paintings hung on the walls.
  • Golden Arrow - Renowned as a chic ground floor hotel restaurant that serves global dishes, if picking a cuisine is ever hard for our guests, we usually recommend that they come here instead.
  • The Spaniard’s Inn - Coming complete with a homely fireplace, a large garden and an array of comfort food, this is where project teams and large groups can relax when the London adventure is nearly up. 
  • The Holly Bush - A traditional 18th-century wood-panelled pub, cask ales, a fireplace and an outdoor space are here to deliver the good vibes and feelings after a long few days of city exploration.

Corporate Luxury Apartments in North London

When business travel needs a kick to first-class, our luxury apartments in north London are the second homes that our corporate guests book. They have the added features that make a luxury stay all the more special, and they enable the guest to remote work so the daily commute doesn’t have to happen. And even if it did, the trip would be short and barely noticeable thanks to the central locations of our North London apartments. Then, when they want to break out a sweat or chill, they can head to the gym or sauna (if available) and feel like they’re living the good life.

Luxury Apartments in North London for Leisure

Solo adventurers, romantic couples, families and groups of friends sometimes need more than the standard apartment. They want a bit of class to go with the trip and a few hidden extras up the sleeve as the icing on the cake. It’s hard not to blame them, and our luxury apartments in north London are exactly what they need. They have all the lush amenities that make travelling abroad so enticing and they can feel right at home as soon as they enter after a long journey. Day and night, pure luxury is never far away for all ages and group sizes to enjoy.

Transport Near Our Luxury Apartments in North London

London’s sprawling transport network is admired the world over. It gets people to and from the capital and around its zones every day. Getting around is always a top priority and at TheSqua.re we make it our own by ensuring that our guests have sufficient access to the London Underground and other TfL rail services. As the Underground is the key mode of transport for locals and tourists, we make this the top transport connection for our guests to be situated close to (unless otherwise stated).

Here are a few of the London Underground stations near our luxury apartments in North London:

  • King’s Cross
  • Euston
  • Camden Town
  • Angel
  • Russell Square
  • Mornington Crescent
  • Arsenal 
  • Holloway Road
  • Finsbury Park
  • Highbury and Islington 

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