Places to eat in Kathmandu

There are countless restaurants, cafes and other sources to find the rich Nepalese and Indian flavours. With so many serving meals that are to die for, it’s difficult to know where  to go. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a brief list of the places we think you should try. Whether you visit them for business or pleasure is up to you but you can assured that all will leave you with your appetite quenched.

Sarangi Vegetarian Restaurant

With many tasty delights, this is ideal for your first night and every other night. A pleasant atmosphere welcomes you in and the dal-bhat is near perfection. Great portions and friendly staff will make this your local throughout your stay.

Rosemary Kitchen and Coffee Shop

Perfect for lunch, dinner or any other time of day, make a stop to avoid missing out on some of the most delicious foods and drinks. You’ll see why it’s so highly rated by locales and the Nepali press. The staff don’t just serve food to suit your appetite, they serve food that enriches the soul.

Fusion Kitchen Restaurant

Flavoursome curries and great portions abound in the this enthralling restaurant. Easy to get to and with professional staff on hand, this is a spectacular choice after a hard day and for meetings. To avoid missing out, make sure you get down as fast as you can.

Third Eye Restaurant

Serving ravishing Royal Indian and Nepalese cuisines, if you want a taste of traditional and exotic flavours then this is where you need to shoot off to. Grab your client, friend or even just yourself for a meal that is filling as well as exquisite.

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