Serviced Apartments South London

Serviced Apartments in South London

South London is popular among travellers for its overall serenity, waterways, riverside views, and a lot less hustle and bustle from the rest of the city. When visiting London, it is one of the best places to stay in. With neighbourhoods like Greenwich and Southwark, your vacation is in safe hands. While this covers the part that goes outside the apartment, we at TheSqua.re have made a lot of efforts to assure you a peaceful stay in South London. From outside views to groceries, cleanliness to Netflix subscription, a home-like kitchen to whatnot, we have taken care of them all. Everything that one needs to ensure the most comfortable stay in a new city can be easily accessed in our serviced apartments in South London.

Top Serviced Apartments in South London

Our serviced apartments in South London are curated with the utmost attention to details. We make sure that every element of the apartment takes it closer to providing the experience of a temporary home in a new city. While the interiors are well taken care of, even the area is very particularly chosen to make sure that each traveller’s stay is as convenient as possible. Peaceful restaurants, the tube stations, iconic landmarks, daily essentials, everything is at convenient distances from our best serviced apartments in South London. Proximity to the southern bank of the Thames is given equal consideration because it forms the backbone of the entire Southern part of the city. After all, it is the direction of the riverbank which has given the present identity to South London. 

Keeping all the facilities in mind, some of the finest serviced apartments South London offers are:

Where should you stay in South London?

South London is undoubtedly a beautiful part of the city to stay in. However, one might easily get cheated by false offerings of something like a riverside hotel online. As we come with years of experience and a name built with love, we aim to offer an experience of living in some of the most exquisite parts of London City. Since we have thoroughly gone through the specifics of the city and the needs of the traveller, our serviced apartments in South London offer a precise mix of all of these observations. From Wi-Fi to neighbourhoods, the security of the area to proximity to clean restaurants and daily essentials, everything has been kept in mind. Even if you wish to live near the rural parts of the city, with 24x7 availability of our team online, it will be a more secure experience to stay in a foreign city on your own.

Facilities in Our Serviced Apartments in South London

Each of our serviced apartments in South London aims to please the traveller and provide a living experience just like home. As a part of our vision, it is a combination of homely comforts and hotel-like services that we wish for all our residents to experience. With such detailed facilities and a fine set of amenities closely following every possible need of the traveller, the results have always been happy. More than anything else, it is the level of ease and convenience in everything you do at home, from high-speed Wi-Fi to healthy breakfasts, evening coffees to weekend parties. 

Some of the amenities that are either complementary or can be accommodated at an extra cost include:

  • 24/7 online service
  • Concierge services
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Balcony with a view
  • Lift access
  • Business centre

Where Can You Find Our Serviced Apartments in South London?

All of South London is full of serene and beautiful neighbourhoods which are not very far from Central London. Neighbourhoods like both parts of Dulwich are also a part of the Southern beauty of the capital with all its massive green land. However, most people don't prefer staying there on a short trip since it doesn't allow the seamless connectivity that the other more preferred areas enjoy. Some of the most popular areas include Croydon and Greenwich with the plethora of activities and places to see, Southwark for its vibe and Brixton for its nightlife. These are exactly the neighbourhoods where our premium range of serviced apartments in South London can be tracked down. After all, who wouldn't like a rare mix of peace, culture, history and tourism?

Our exquisite apartments can be found in the following representative neighbourhoods of South London:

  • Greenwich - From riverside bars to a sense of community, hustle of growing businesses to the bustle of culture, serenity of lush green areas to a lot of history, Greenwich has it all. It is one of the representatives of South London, away from the fast-paced life of the rest of the city. 
  • Southwark - With Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Tate Modern, and even the London Dungeon, this artistic neighbourhood brimming with restaurants is quite a fun choice to live in. 
  • Vauxhall - If you wish to stay closer to Central London and still enjoy the beauty of South London, choose Vauxhall. It has a hidden breathtaking lavender garden and a lot of unique restaurants across the neighbourhood.
  • Wandsworth - With stylish restaurants, boutiques, and a lot of pubs, this neighbourhood has a pleasant riverside view to its share. This neighbourhood snuggled in the Southwest of London is a mix of trendy, soothingly, and high-end things to try, shop, and explore.
  • Clapham - 2 most iconic things make this neighbourhood so desirable; it is the Clapham Common spread in a sprawling 200-acre green land and the most popular Venn Street Food Market here every Saturday. Indeed a fun place to be around.  
  • Brixton - If a vibrant nightlife is what you are occasionally expecting from a stay in the serene South London then this is the perfect place to go for. The musical vibe and the artsy side of this neighbourhood are blooming at their absolute best.

Attractions Near Our Serviced Apartments in South London

From grand parks like Clapham Common and its street food market to a brush with royalty in the Eltham Palace, South London is quite diverse. There are innumerable attractions to explore in Greenwich alone, from a luxury stroll in Harrods to Cutty Sark exhibit and so much more. Our serviced apartments in South London offer a walking distance to most of these nearby attractions in the particular neighbourhood. If not, most popular attractions can be reached in anywhere around 20 minutes. Whether you are a business traveller short of time or a family with kids with specific durations of time, this advantage can be of help in making the most of the city. All these attractions can be enjoyed by people of all budgets because, in most markets and places of attractions, there is something or the other for both ends of the budget scale. 

Some of the most conveniently reachable and most popular set of London attractions near our serviced apartments in South London include:

  • Greenwich Park - One of the biggest of all the legendary Royal Parks of London, this is an ideal place to visit for a fun romantic picnic or a playful evening with kids. Thanks to its proximity from your apartment, you can even consider it for a morning jog. 
  • Greenwich Market - While Tuesdays are the specifically antique market days, the market with all its bustle opens from Thursdays to Sundays from 10 am to 4:30 pm. Enjoy local food, fashion, and warmth in this popular market. 
  • The Tate Modern - One of the finest art galleries in the UK which is an absolute paradise for the appreciators and collectors of art. The view outside the gallery is magnificent.
  • Eltham Palace - Dating back to 1305 is this magnificent palace which has now been renovated and opens to the public. Do try the elegant vintage clothes that are available to try on along with the perfumes. The WWII exhibit is interesting as well.
  • Battersea Arts Centre - For an acquired taste of cinema and culture, head straight to this unique centre of theatre and celebrate the love for cinema in the heart of the Battersea neighbourhood of serene South London. 
  • Cutty Sark - Admire the iconic British Clipper ship called the ‘Cutty Sark’. Boasts of being the fastest of its time, the elaborate ship looks equally magnificent from both inside and outside. The exhibit with a guided tour is recommended. 
  • Harrods - Experience luxuries at the Harrods with a fun visit for a prized possession or convenient window shopping with over 330 departments to serve your taste.

Best Restaurants Near Our Serviced Apartments in South London

When one is staying away from home, it gets discomforting after a point. When living in an area or a city that you haven't been to before, trusting new eateries can be very tricky. If you like to keep changing taste in food, love to try various cuisines but are still very particular about hygiene and quality of food, then don't worry. With strategic locations which offer an eclectic variety of food without travelling too much, our apartments offer a lot more comfort by cutting down extra travel. Especially when away from home, our top recommendations coming your way will hopefully rescue your taste and health right before you get bored of self-cooked food. 

Some of the most vibrant restaurants all around South London and also near our apartments are:

  • Ritzy Picturehouse - A restored theatre with an entire experience of watching cinema in 1911 while enjoying a cosy meal. Full points for the vibe. 
  • Little Bay Croydon - This visually appealing restaurant serves Modern European food. It is particularly popular for its theatrical experience and live opera. 
  • Okan, Brixton Village - This simple Japanese gem serves Osaka-like street food with a lot of colours on your plate and a smile on your face. 
  • Chokhi Dhani - Straight out of India is this beautiful restaurant in Vauxhall. From biryanis to authentic curries, it has it all. 
  • The Refinery, Bankside - Right near Tate Modern is this sophisticated restaurant with modern industrial interiors and innovative dishes. Cocktail and wine collections are stellar.
  • Cottons Restaurant and Rum Shack - Another Vauxhall beauty with vibrant hand-painted interiors. It’s the mutton curry and rum shack that stand out. 

Cost of Serviced Apartments in South London

South London just like Central London has a mix of both high-end and rural experiences. Where the rural dominates, the cost drops. The posh localities like Greenwich, with lots and lots of attractions to offer, quite justifiably climb the cost scale. However, we take care of all the securities and deposits on your behalf and you don't have to pay any additional fee at any given point of your stay. This feature of one-time payment and complete package for a cosy stay in the lush green South London makes up for everything. While all our prices are fair, we even offer the option of accommodating all preferences and budgets. Talk to us and we will get it customised as per your requirements and scale.

Corporate Accommodation in South London 

South London is bliss to work from. While most of the financial districts lie outside South London, our corporate accommodations here offer an advantage. Because of the easy accessibility of the Underground stations from our corporate homes and the seamless connectivity to Central London, daily to and fro from here is possible too, while the weekends can be reserved for the country life in the rural neighbourhoods of South London. Our concierge team shall take care of the cab bookings and all the hassle. Ultimately, it is not just the office building that you have to look forward to. London has a plethora of experiences in store for you. All this can be made possible by the dedicated team that works 24x7 to look after each detail of your trip. After all that travel, you always have your cosy bed and flatscreen TV with Netflix and Wi-Fi to come back to.

Accommodation in South London for Families

Families particularly love South London for all the popular attractions here. What makes our accommodations here so attractive for families enjoying a vacation here is the convenience to travel the city. While our concierge team takes care of the picking and dropping; most of the tube stations to nearby cities and even National Rail can be easily tracked by you and used to travel across the city and beyond. From massive parks to fun restaurants which are both child-friendly and have a bar, each landmark can be conveniently accessed from our serviced apartments. Such are the locations of our apartments that we curate and finalise for our travellers because we believe that you and your family deserve nothing but the absolute best.

Centrally Located Serviced Apartments in South London

Since there is so much to see and experience in South London, one keeps hopping from one scenic attraction to another nearest landmark. This is made way easier with the proximity of our serviced apartments in South London to the Underground stations. Not just that, even intercity travel and quick tube journeys to other parts of the massive city is quite easy. The Victoria Line is your best shot to connect with North and Central London. With the National Rail available right from the Wandsworth Town, going to and fro from anywhere around the city and beyond will get smooth. Just to give you a rough estimate, you will be able to reach Waterloo from the same train in just 15 minutes. One can easily reach Canary Wharf from Greenwich in 12 minutes. Despite not being a local, with such ease in travelling, even a daily commute for business travellers will not feel like a burden here. 

Some of the closest stations for public transport near our premium serviced apartments in South London include:

  • Cannon Street Station
  • Crystal Palace
  • London Bridge
  • Clapham Junction
  • Forest Hill
  • Waterloo
  • East Putney

Weather in South London

The summers are short, partly cloudy and thus comfortable. The winters are long, very cold, windy, and mostly cloudy.

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