Moving to Boston: What to Expect

So, you’re moving to Boston. Whilst you are probably incredibly excited for the big day, you may also be feeling somewhat apprehensive about the exceptional amount of planning required to make a big move. Whether you’re simply crossing state lines or arriving from another country altogether, moving to a new city is no simple task.

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Logistics aside, there is also the issue of fitting into a city that you may not know a lot about. Cities are living things – each with their own life, personality and individual quirks – and what was the norm back home might be completely different in Boston.

To give you the strongest start to your new life in Boston, we have compiled some of the best advice from Bostonians to the city’s new arrivals. If you are seeking luxury serviced accommodation in Boston whilst you search for your permanent home, we can help with that too – visit today to browse our selection of apartments.

Step 1: Finding a Home:

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Finding a home in Boston is notoriously difficult and alarmingly expensive. If you’re a young professional planning a move to Boston, you may be interested in finding a roommate to split the costs of rent and amenities. If you are moving to Boston with a family, your lifestyle may be better suited to one of the outer neighbourhoods – many of which offer an effortless commute into the central business district. Visit our knowledge centre for more information on Boston’s neighbourhoods.

Step 2: Getting Around

American cities are often driver-friendly, but Boston is the exception to the rule. The majority of Boston residents prefer to use public transport rather than a car – in part due to the highly competitive and exceedingly expensive parking options in the city. The MBTA is Boston’s all-inclusive public transport network, offering trains and buses into, out of and all around the city. Commuters, students, tourists and more use the train network – known as the T –and most people find it perfectly convenient.

Step 3: Having Fun:

Once you’re settled in and you know how to get to work or school – it’s time for the fun part. Getting to know Boston is an incredibly enjoyable experience, and seeing the city with fresh eyes is something to look forward to. The best way to live the local life in Boston is to get involved with baseball. The support for the Red Sox is practically frenzied in Boston, so showing your allegiance and attending some games is a great way to connect with new friends and enjoy the city at its best. Get to know the nightlife in Allston-Brighton, enjoy upscale shopping in Back Bay and get to North End for some incredible restaurants. Learn to complain about the snow, the students and the ‘Sox – and you’ll be living it up like a local in no time.

Moving to Boston is a huge decision, and this post only begins to cover the things you’ll need to plan before your departure. Despite the challenge of moving to a new city, the exciting city streets and welcoming locals will have you feeling at home in no time. For more advice and local tips, visit our trusted online community today.

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