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Indefinite Leave to Remain in UK

When and how can I apply for an ILR in UK?

Summer Camps for kids in Hong Kong

I have two kids and we moved to Hong Kong a month ago. We need to know if there are any great summer camps in Hong Kong?

Paid internships abroad

I am planning to apply for a paid internship. I have no idea which are the best options abroad. Anyone here applied for ...

Jobs for a non-French speaker in Paris

Are there any English speaking jobs in France for a non-French speaker?

Tips on moving to France

I am moving to France in September this year. Any tips for an expat moving to France?

Relocating to London with Family

I am moving to UK with my family of four in May 2019. Need advice on moving to London.

Relocating to HK with family

I am relocating to Hong Kong with my family where should I stay?

French language lessons

Hey, where can I get some French language lessons in France?

Boarding schools in London

Any suggestions on good options for boarding schools in London? What is the minimum tuition fees?

Good schools in Paris, France

Could anyone suggest the best schools in Paris, France? I am moving in from UK, would an English speaking international ...