1 Week Accommodation London

1 Week Accommodation London

London takes more than a few days to see. Its eclectic array of attractions, cafes, and other hidden secrets makes it one destination that requires multiple visits to get the full experience. While 1 week is not enough to see it all, it does grant those travellers the opportunity to see most of the top sights and weave their way through delightful eateries. When corporate and leisure travellers are staying for up to 7 days, they need to book our 1 week accommodation in London. All of the apartments represent the homely and cosy stay they need to get network lunches done and to take a dip into the plethora of London icons.

Our Best 1 Week Accommodation in London

While our portfolio is incredibly diverse, it still has its top picks; the jewels and gems that show off the very best of our award-winning collection. Every last one is fully furnished but has that finer detail that borders on the spectacular. Modern and sleek, they are more than worth that weekly booking when travellers need something that’s out of the ordinary.

Our top apartments in London for weekly accommodation are:

Why Should You Book 1 Week Accommodation in London?

For those weekly stays in the UK’s capital city, our serviced apartments are the key pick to having a stay of convenience and comfort. They are centrally positioned and ensure swift journeys to and from the main attractions as well as the best restaurants in the city. Inside, they have all the amenities and facilities that create a 7-day atmosphere that reminds one of home. With all things taken care of, our guests can enter our serviced apartments and live like a local.

Facilities in Our 1 Week Stay Apartments in London

Upon entering our weekly accommodation, guests will find a lush and delicately designed lying space that has their every need in mind. Whether it’s the fully equipped kitchen to guarantee healthy eating throughout the stay, a TV for evening entertainment, free Wi-Fi for remote working and streaming or the beds that have high quality linens for falling into a deep sleep, leisure and business guests will have the second home they always wanted.

Aside from the above amenities, other extra facilities can be included for long term stays or at an extra cost if the residence provides them. This can include a gym, spa, business centre and concierge services. Those looking for a first-class or premium stay in London for a week should source these extra toppings out.

Types of 1 Week Accommodation in London

There are many forms of accommodation that we have in our collection that can meet all essential desires. From smaller apartments for the solo traveller to bigger living spaces for families and project teams, we know that bookings come in all shapes and sizes hence why we have a portfolio that reflects the variety of modern travel.

Some of the apartment varieties for weekly accommodation can be found here:

  • Studio - An open-plan space like this is more than ideal for those that want everything in easy reach throughout their 1 week stay in London.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartments - Built for the lonely adventurer and couples in mind, everything has its own place and the accommodation is fully equipped for business and leisure travellers to move in and live right away.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments - Small families and groups can book these apartments without any hassle and have enough space to make it their second home for the 7 days.
  • 3 Bedroom Apartments - Bigger groups need a bit more space and these apartments grant that so everyone can get along and enjoy the city of London throughout their 1 week stay.
  • 4 Bedroom Apartments - Fully equipped for family get-togethers and large groups, it won’t be hard for everyone to have their own private space while they see the sights of London for 7 days.
  • 5 Bedroom Apartments - For business projects that need large teams to stay in London for a 1 week to oversee completion, these apartments are the ones to book to have everything a project team requires day and night.

Where Can You Find Our 1 Week Stay Accommodation in London?

We specialise in providing the very best serviced accommodation across the whole of London, which means that guests can find our apartments in all the top spots. As experts in the city of London, we know that each part of the metropolis has its own unique character that makes it divine and perfect for different sets of people. Hipsters wanting to be in the grooviest areas will be more than catered for in districts like Shoreditch and Hoxton and corporate guests can be close to London’s key business districts like Canary Wharf, Aldgate and Liverpool Street. We know the key areas that our guests want to experience which is why our portfolio always fits the bill.

Our 1 week accommodation options can be booked in the following London districts:

  • Aldgate - A historic neighbourhood with the vibe of the Victorian era, it is a cluster of multiple London attractions like Madame Tussauds and James Park, and is a great choice for a weekly stay. 
  • Hounslow - This west London neighbourhood is a very diverse part of the city to live in, and most travellers like to visit here for its popular airport and distinct vibe. 
  • Angel - This North London hub of culture is ideal for a stay full of vibrant art, booze, and lots of food. With crazy variety across all sections, Angel is a fantastic choice to enjoy a wild 7 days in the city. 
  • Shoreditch - From Yoga bowls in Boxpark to Brick Lane Market, this is one of the trendiest London neighbourhoods and among the most popular residential areas thanks to its mix of art and sophistication.
  • Canary Wharf - The CBD of finance and business transactions, corporate headquarters grace the skyline and luxury shops and restaurants bring all manners of business people to conduct meetings and to buy something truly opulent for their loved ones.
  • Chelsea - One of the most expensive areas of London, it is full of status, affluence and may well have a celebrity or two hidden amongst the high-end properties that align the streets.
  • Richmond - With Richmond Park to walk around and easy connections to the centre of London, it’s not hard to see why people choose to stay in this classy borough for days, weeks or even months at a time. Not to be missed by any leisure or corporate guest 
  • Kensington - Similar to Chelsea with its upscale reputation, Kensington is close to major museums, Hyde Park and Harrods to name but a few things that drive guests to stay in this area for 1 week or more.

London Attractions Near Our 1 Week Stay Accommodation

When it comes to listing off the city’s landmarks, most people can name the popular ones. Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Big Ben and Hyde Park stand out as do the museums and galleries. In the very centre of London, these are the kinds of sights that our guests can expect. Further out, there are other things to do that might not be in the guides or get as much exposure. With 1 week to explore the ins and outs of London, our guests can discover all the top landmarks as well as a few others that will appeal to their interests.

As our portfolio of weekly accommodation is spread out across London, these are the attractions that guests can enjoy when they book with us:

  • Oxford Street - This shopping street is bursting with big brands, bargains and activity that will please any busy consumer looking for fashion and entertainment products to take home and show to friends and family.
  • Westminster Abbey - This is the church where all monarchs are crowned and where British innovators and famous political figures have their resting places. For those that love history, there is no better place to visit.
  • London Eye - The best views of London can be seen from this crowded attraction that serves millions of visitors every year, as well as a few marriage proposals.
  • Natural History Museum - Right from the beginning of time to the present day, this museum boasts relics of the natural world from the human ancestors to monolithic creatures.
  • Charles Dickens Museum - Dedicated to the author of David Copperfield, Oliver Twist, Great Expectations and Bleak House, his biggest fans will find much to explore about his life in this terraced house.
  • Tate Modern - Full of contemporary art and abstract wonders, the gallery is one of the most-visited in the city and has temporary exhibitions that show off the most recent talents and maestros that deserve more attention.
  • British Museum - Old relics and treasures from all over the world are housed here to give a clear story of human history from the ancient civilisations that are long gone to the ones that are charting history every minute.
  • The Gherkin - One of many pillars of business and trade in London, the architectural marvel also has a restaurant with 360-degree city views, as well as the offices for corporate meetings.
  • Trafalgar Square - Nelson’s Column and the National Gallery fill various parts of the square as do the fountains, lion statues and the enormous crowds that arrive here every day to relax after a long walk or to protest for something they feel very passionate about.
  • Tower Bridge - This historic bridge is an iconic attraction, gracing many postcards and pictures, and a symbol of Britain at the height of its power. Crowds fill the path while many watch over the way for when the bridge raises to let through tall boats underneath.

Best London Restaurants Near Our 1 Week Stay Apartments

Dining out is always on the cards, regardless of the trips’ purpose. Tasting the diverse offerings of London from the Chinatown area to luxury restaurants in Mayfair and Canary Wharf, this is what travellers need on their 1 week London stay. When the fully equipped kitchen has lost its appeal or a change of scenery is required, our guests can head out to sample the best restaurants in the city. As our London apartments are centrally located, they will have no issues in getting to the eateries because the ample travel connections will make it very simple.

Some of the best London restaurants that are only a short distance from our 1 week accommodation are:

  • Casa do Frango - A fabulous Portuguese restaurant, clientele can share plates and piri-piri chicken along with other foods that they order.
  • Larry’s -  A laid-back 1970s-styled New York del, this is the spot for guests to enjoy themselves every late evening when the day has been spent exploring the city.
  • Manteca - Indulge in fire-cooked cuts of meat, hand-rolled pasta and much more in this Italian-inspired diner that rocks with its sumptuous menu.
  • Luca - Guests come here every day to tuck into gourmet Italian recipes while sitting in a restored listed building when the time has come to refuel for their next adventure.
  • Frenchie’s - Similar to its Parisian cousin, it serves globally influenced French fare and has a spectacular drinks menu that makes one feel they’re already in Pairs.
  • Sabor - This lively Spanish restaurant offers tapas plates and many more exquisite dishes so its clientele can savour the very best of Spanish cuisine.
  • Beranjak - Those looking for a casual spot to enjoy Iranian cooking will find this restaurant to be an absolute treat that packs a flavoursome punch in the empty gut.
  • Stoney Street - Adopting a seasonal menu from breakfast through to dinner, handsomely made food awaits all those who wander in to catch their breath and recharge for the rest of the day.
  • Padella - Housemade pasta dishes and a collection of wine are all a part of this modern bistro, catering for every kind of traveller looking to enrich their taste buds and palette.

Corporate Accommodation in London for 1 Week

Business can’t always be done in a day or so, it can quite often mean for 1 week or sometimes much longer, Whenever that happens, our serviced accommodation is the perfect solution. They are close to the CBD and have the connections needed to get from one spot to the next. They are the remote working space and the fully functioning second home. When guests don’t want business travel with all the hassle, they choose TheSqua.re.

1 Week Accommodation in London for Leisure

Families and groups of friends need not worry, our award-winning portfolio also has them in mind too. They are nearby all the big attractions and have tube stations not too far away so they can catch the right connection quickly. Inside, they are the warm and cosy accommodation that they’re looking for. Whether they’re a solo traveller, a couple looking for a weekly London getaway or a daily looking to enjoy a holiday, our apartments are designed for the perfect stays.

Transport Near Our 1 Week Stay Accommodation in London

Being one of the most connected cities in the world, London shuffles its visitors and locals to and fro with ease. This is due to the like of the London Underground network, as well as Tfl services, the Overground, DLR and famous red buses. We know that getting around is one of the key aspects of any stay and is non-negotiable. That’s why our apartments are nearby essential tube stations and other services.

Our 1 week accommodation in London can be found near the following stations:

  • Old Street
  • Hoxton
  • Hounslow Central
  • Charing Cross
  • Aldgate
  • Holborn
  • Angel
  • Canary Wharf

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