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Fully Furnished Serviced Apartments in London

When tourists of business and leisure head to London, they are searching for accommodation that has all the facilities and amenities needed so they can focus on relaxing, exploring and unwinding in the British capital city. Lucky for them, we have thousands of fully furnished apartments in London that are waiting with open arms. Not only can they function as a second home they are also suitable spaces to work remotely when the opportunity arises. Spread across the whole of the capital city, our fully furnished apartments are here to ensure comfort and convenience go hand in hand with every short or long term stay with us.

Our Best Fully Furnished Apartments in London

As is to be expected in a portfolio with thousands of apartments, there are the deluxe and executive apartments alongside the standard ones. While every apartment has the usual range of amenities, others go that extra step with snazzy extras or a luxe design that puts it above the other choices. When booking London, it is always recommended to go for the very best to get the most of the adventure.

These are the top apartments in London to book right now:

Why Should You Book Fully Furnished Apartments in London?

All guests require the amenities that they left behind at home. This contributes a positive aspect to their short or long term stay in the city of London. Our fully furnished apartments, as handsomely described right there, have all the modern utilities to create the warm, cosy, comfortable and convenient atmosphere to make every corporate or leisure guest feel like they walked into their second home abroad. No matter what the reason may be for visiting London, guests have every reason to book our fully furnished apartments so they can have the perfect companion along on the trip.

Facilities in Our Fully Furnished Apartments in London

With fully furnished apartments everything is inside that any guest could ever need for a few days, weeks and months. All the equipment and essential tools of living from home are found within. We know that this is how guests want their apartment to be so this is why we make it happen. A fully equipped kitchen is one of the key tools that we provide. Home cooking is made simpler and guests can stay on top of a healthy eating lifestyle and save on eating out. Then the flat screen TV is the night’s entertainment and the free Wi-Fi enables streaming of more content, staying in touch with the family and providing an avenue to work remotely if needs be. The spacious appeal of our fully furnished apartments is also part of their appeal.

Extra facilities that can be included at an added cost, or readily offered for long term stays, if available at the residence include:

  • Gym
  • Sauna
  • Spa 
  • Business centre
  • Concierge services

Types of Fully Furnished Apartments in London

A team like ours with a wealth of experience in the industry knows that every stay is different. Groups, couples, solo travellers - all of these booking types need a fully furnished apartment that can every guest in and act as the new home to return to after long hours of exploration in the heart of London.

These are the types of fully furnished apartments we offer in London:

  • Studio - A solo traveller or couple that desires an open-plan space for their London adventure will be more than at home here.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartments - Not every couple or solo travellers wants an open space, so instead they book one of our 1 bedroom apartments so that everything has its own space.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments - Small families and groups of friends will discover everything they need in our spacious 2 bedroom apartments that are all delicately designed.
  • 3 Bedroom Apartments - When the groups and families get bigger, then our 3 bedroom apartments are the perfect point of call.
  • 4 Bedroom Apartments - When the in-laws and other family members join the trip, then our 4 bedroom apartments are the solution to avid family squabbles and bickering.
  • 5 Bedroom Apartments - Long term project teams need spacious living quarters and amenities to work remotely. Our 5 bedroom apartments are the biggest range, and are popular with such teams and groups.

Where Can You Find Our Fully Furnished Apartments in London?

We want our guests to have unprecedented access to the city of London. That’s why our fully furnished apartments can be found in the top districts that travellers stay in time after time. Hipster hangouts, corporate districts and residential areas are all in the mix so that the perfect apartment can go with the perfect stay. Choice is key, and we give our guests even more than that.

These are some of the areas that our guests can book fully furnished apartments in London:

  • Knightsbridge - One of the very stylish districts of London, Hyde Park, Harrods and the Victoria and Albert Museum can all be found in a few streets away.
  • Paddington - While the famous Peruvian bear only exists in toy form here, the area itself is popular for those that want quick transport connections around the city and other parts of the UK.
  • Notting Hill - The eponymous festival and its Portobello Market still make this a key area for a vibrant very upmarket stay in Britain’s elegant capital city.
  • Camden - The epicentre of everything trendy in London, staying here means being close to Camden Market, and for business travellers, they can let their hair down outside of the hectic office life.
  • Fitzrovia - With upscale apartments and residential housing all in the same area, every kind of guest can find something to appreciate in this eclectic district.
  • Canary Wharf - The number 1 district for business travellers, all of the big corporate headquarters, banks and fancy restaurants line the streets and skyline. Network lunches and corporate hangouts are always an option here, while cinemas and shopping centres bring in other workers and locals to the area.
  • Chelsea - Another trendy London area, the luxurious and quirky restaurants and sleek, stylish homes abound to make this a popular spot to call home throughout short and long term stays.
  • Holborn - Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Street are close to the apartments. Therefore, it’s not hard to see why so many folks want to put up camp here to take in the full character of London.
  • Kensington - A very posh and upscale district of London, celebrities and lavish amenities make it the second home for those guests that want the high life and more.
  • Aldgate - The Sky Garden, The Gherkin and other London assortments are all part of the mix for those that book one of our stylish apartments in Aldgate.

Attractions Near Our Fully Furnished Apartments in London

There are plenty of things to see across London. Most of the icons can be named by any traveller. Big Ben, Buckingham Palace etc are all on the list of must-see attractions. Exploring the depths of any city is part of the travel experience which is why we situate all of our fully furnished apartments in close proximity to the highlights of London so our guests simply need to call a quick taxi or take the tube for a stop or two. That way they can avoid the stresses of long commutes and see the city in its full splendour.

These are some of the attractions near our fully furnished London apartments:

  • Oxford Street - The biggest brands fill the street, exciting every consumer to splash out more on boutique retail items to show off to friends when they arrive home.
  • Palace of Westminster - The UK’s centre of democracy and the “mother of parliaments”, it may house the wishy-washy MPs but its halls are a marvel to behold. Daily tours really do show the true character of the place which Prime Minister’s Questions simply cannot.
  • Victoria and Albert Museum - A history of applied and decorative arts and design, within the museum there are over 2.27 million objects that are as beautiful as they are magnificent.
  • National Gallery - Van Gogh, Da Vinci, JMW Turner, Cezzane and many more of the maestros can be appreciated in all their glory. The restaurant and cafe is also a must to refresh and discuss the wonders held within. 
  • British Museum - The history of Britain and the world itself is on full display with thousands of years filling the halls, while the temporary exhibitions highlight and broaden our understanding of key periods across the strings of time.
  • The Shard - Luxury restaurants fill the top and corporate offices taking up the rest of the place. Whichever one out guests fall into, they will have a wondrous experience.
  • Tower Bridge - Walking along the most iconic bridge in the world is a must at the start and end of each day, as is watching the bridge raise itself to let big boats go through underneath without a hitch. 
  • Natural History Museum - From the beginning of time to the present day, this museum boasts relics of the natural world as well as the evolution of humans and the forces that make the world what it is.
  • Tate Modern - Full of contemporary art and abstract wonders, the gallery is one of the most-visited in the city and is always full of those who have arrived to see what the new masters of the art world are contributing to society.
  • London Eye - The best views of London can be seen from this crowded attraction that serves millions of visitors every year as it slowly goes around so every corner of the metropolis can be appreciated.

Best Restaurants Near Our Fully Furnished Apartments in London

London is a great city to dine out in. Its diversity of restaurants is a comfort to all travellers that have diverse tasting palettes and have a long list of criteria to be satisfied. Our team of experts recognise that a big trek to a good restaurant just isn’t on the cards when guests head outside. They want to be as close as possible. So our apartments are centrally located to ensure this is a possibility.

These are the restaurants that guests should visit in London when staying in our fully furnished apartments.

  • Casa do Frango - A Portuguese restaurant, clientele can share plates and piri-piri chicken along with other foods when they book their table and arrive after a day in the museums and galleries.
  • Larry’s - A laid-back 1970s-styled New York deli and late night-restaurant, a splendid evening is always on the cards.
  • Manteca - Guests can indulge in fire-cooked nose-to-tail cuts of meat and hand-rolled pasta at this Italian-inspired diner that’s oozing with character.
  • Luca - Visitors that come here every day can tuck into gourmet Italian recipes while admiring the restored listed building it inhabits.
  • Frenchie’s - Serving globally influenced French fare, this cool and ever so popular establishment has an amazing drinks menu and foods that will satisfy any bout of hunger.
  • Sabor - A lively Spanish restaurant, it offers scrumptious tapas plates and many more exquisite dishes that are full of flavour and rich textures.
  • Beranjak - A casual spot to enjoy Iranian cooking, this is a rare treat for anyone looking to try a cuisine they haven’t yet mastered.  
  • Flor - A bakery, coffee spot, a wine bar and a restaurant all in one, French/Spanish inspired dishes are set up to be ordered and devoured.
  • Stoney Street - This restaurant adopts a seasonal menu that is enriched with choices and flavours will last long after the bill is paid.
  • Padella - Housemade pasta dishes and an exhaustive collection of wine are all a part of this modern bistro in the heart of London. Booking a table is essential to not miss out on a great night.

Fully Furnished Corporate Apartments in London

We aim to make corporate travel simple for all those who book our fully furnished apartments. They have the homely vibe that’s required after exhaustive hours working in the office or networking with clients, whilst also being that suitable and cosy abode to work from remotely if needs be. They are, as ever, equipped with modern amenities like a fully fitted kitchen, TV, Wi-Fi, laundry unit and all the rest so solo corporates or project teams can work and chill whenever they wish during their stay with us.

Fully Furnished Apartments in London for Leisure

Staying in London to enjoy the sights and get away from the office is always a popular choice. The plethora of landmarks and cultural amenities mean that there is never going to be a boring day. However, once that day is over, or has yet to begin, tourists need a place to wake up in, cook, watch TV etc. In short, they need our fully furnished apartments. They are the go-to ingredient for the perfect stay in the UK’s capital city.

Transport Near Our Fully Furnished Apartments in London

At TheSqua.re, we recognise that getting around the city is pivotal for every traveller. Corporate guests need to reach the office in time every morning, while those who have come strictly for entertainment purposes don’t want to be held up as they navigate their way to the palaces, parks, galleries and museums. To make the trip super convenient, our apartments are close to key Underground stations in the city, as well as bus stops, so our guests can zip from A to B with no hassle.

These are some of the stations near our fully furnished apartments in London:

  • Euston
  • Piccadilly Circus
  • Oxford Circus
  • Paddington
  • Old Street
  • London Bridge
  • Waterloo
  • Victoria
  • Angel
  • Canary Wharf
  • Aldgate
  • Aldgate East
  • Liverpool Street

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