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Moli Corporate Loyalties During 2012 Olympics

As the 2012 London Olympics draw nearer, reliable accommodation will be difficult to find and when found, will probably be expensive. With a flood of Olympic athletes, trainers, organisers and broadcasting partners coming in to London to stay for the Olympics, there will be about 50 percent less accommodation available in the city. Leisure customers coming to London for the Olympics will be taking up a large remainder of the available hotels and accommodation; it is estimated that there will be only about 18,000 rooms available after Olympic athletes and visitors have taken up residence in London. This means that only about 15 percent of London accommodations will be available for business travellers.

As emphasised by Arvi Kaur, VP of Reservations at House of Modern Living, “Despite our proximity to the Olympic Venues in terms of our Accommodation offerings in Canary Wharf and the City and this Olympics offering us very good short-term commercial opportunity, our focus remains our well-established and loyal corporate client base.”

House of Modern Living Serviced Apartments has vowed to continue to commit to its established corporate partners by underpinning their business continuity where accommodation is needed. Not only could this concern, albeit reduced, numbers of inbound travellers but also the potentially different needs at that time of their locally based employees due to anticipated local travel disruption.

House of Modern Living Serviced Apartments have proven with great success to be a preferred option for corporate travellers in the City and Canary Wharf for mid to long stays, offering the much quoted but true ‘home away from home’ experience of a serviced apartment.

“We are currently working with our existing corporate clients, mapping out critical business needs over next Summer and planning early in order to ensure all is in place as soon as possible in a cost-effective, structured and timely manner to ensure UK Plc keeps working” said Arvi.

Due to the mid to longer stay nature of the serviced apartment guest, the Olympics is, in many ways, not a key focus for many operators. More important is the continued client loyalty as regards their longer stay clients and relocates, the latter being a key client of the sector in the Summer months.

“Of course” says Arvi, “like everyone else we are also looking forward to thoroughly enjoying a fantastic and successful sporting spectacle, and naturally rooting for British athletes and the City of London!”

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