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Andheri East

Andheri East is a popular neighbourhood in Mumbai, known for its saturation of luxury accommodation and top shopping destinations in the city. Andheri East is also a very busy business destination, as it is home to institutes such as The Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and National Institute of Industrial Engineering and more of the city’s top business and technology hubs.

If you’re staying in Mumbai for business or for leisure, then our Mumbai area guide will help you to find the best places to eat, the best things to do and the best shopping areas in the city’s distinct and exciting neighbourhoods.

There are plenty of places to visit in Andheri East, despite its main role as a residential area and a business hub. Known as a melting pot of historic and contemporary culture, the neighbourhood offers a range of experiences, from religious temples to boat trips. As such, you won’t struggle to decide what to do in Andheri East, no matter what your preferences are. Andheri East markets are perfectly suited to tourists or local residents, with everything on offer from basic groceries to fresh fish to larger homewares and furniture.

Andheri East is also known as one of Mumbai’s most important and busiest transport destinations, and the Andheri Railway Station is among the busiest rail stations not only in Mumbai but also across the world. The neighbourhood benefits from access to Line 1 of the Mumbai Metro, enabling guests to connect from west to east. Frequent travellers also benefit from the proximity of Andheri East to the city’s Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport, which is located less than 10km away.

Andheri West

Known as one of the most popular business and technology hubs in India, Andheri West is a neighbourhood to the West of Mumbai. Home to a number of key Indian technology firms, as well as The Indian Institute of Technology and the Bombay and National Institute of Industrial Engineering, Andheri West is a popular neighbourhood for professionals and business travellers to reside. The neighbourhood is also a key transport hub, with the Andheri Station known as one of the busiest rail stations in the world. Offering swift connections between the nearby Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport and the rest of the city, Andheri West’s public transport is a popular option for getting around Mumbai.

Blending history and culture with modern technology and exciting leisure destinations, Andheri West is a popular place to stay in the Mumbai. There are many places to visit in Andheri West, from excellent upscale restaurants to cafés, shopping centres and tourist attractions. Anybody wondering what to do in Andheri West can pass the time in one of the neighbourhood’s expansive shopping malls, or experience one of the beautiful and popular beaches.

If you’re staying in Andheri West for a business or a leisure trip, then our Mumbai area guide will help you decide the best things to do, see and eat in the local area. From amusement parks to Andheri West markets and leisure activities, there is never a dull day in the neighbourhood. Read the rest of our neighbourhood travel guide for the top restaurants, attractions and shopping destinations in the neighbourhood.


By far the trendiest neighbourhood of Mumbai, Bandra has cemented itself as the place to hang out for all the young, cool, hip and happening people of this eclectic city. Pretty bungalows nod to the old charm of Mumbai while new places to ‘chill’ and ‘hang’ are popping up as an indication of the area’s increasingly gentrified feel. Think coffee shops serving soya lattes and goji berry powered breakfast pots. East London has come to Mumbai in the form of Bandra.

To say that there are plenty of places to visit in Bandra and lots of things to do in Bandra would be a bit of an understatement. The old fort of Bandra, which dates back to the 1600s, has been repurposed as a venue to host bands, lots of other live music and performance on most nights of the week, some of which are completely free to stop by and take in. It’s the perfect union of old Bombay and the new, forever changing face of Mumbai itself.

From taking in the street art stamped all over the neighbourhood’s colourful streets, to checking out the local galleries or exploring the various stores that the area has to offer, Bandra is definitely one to fill the diary with plans. It is an area in which there is always something happening, so get started on that to-do list and work through this Bandra area guide to discover the very best of your new neighbourhood.


Borivali is a suburban area to the north west of Mumbai. Due to its proximity to the city’s Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport and its convenient public transport links, it has become a popular residential suburb, ideal for those working in the city or in its surrounding areas. If you are planning a trip to Borivali for business or leisure, then’s Mumbai area guide will provide the most up-to-date information on where to stay, what to do and where to eat.

Borivali is a popular place for business travellers to stay, particularly during an extended trip to Mumbai, due to its excellent road and metro connections, and also its ‘metropolitan suburban’ feel.

There are plenty of places to visit in Borivali, whether you are interested in some time outdoors with nature or a pleasant restaurant or bar. Sitting within the neighbourhood is the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, the Mandapeshwar Caves, the Dahisar River and the Poinsur River. As such, the neighbourhood is the perfect place to get outdoors and enjoy some walking, exercising or exploring.

Visitors need not worry about what to do in Borivali if they forget to pack something – with at least 5 major shopping centres in the vicinity as well as a number of Borivali markets, visitors will never struggle to pick up the essentials. Borivali is also a very entertaining area, with attractions ranging from traditional Hindu temples to water parks.

From Borivali Metro Station, it is quite easy to reach the rest of Mumbai. As the centre of the city is only approximately 50 minutes away on public transport, Borivali has become a popular place for commuters to live or for business travellers to stay.


Nestled between the incredibly popular Andheri and Borivali neighbourhoods, Goregaon is one of the most prominent residential areas in Mumbai. The neighbourhood has become particularly popular due to its quantity of highly regarded international schools, luxury accommodation, business offices and shopping centres. With a number of modern housing projects, the neighbourhood has also become one of the most enviable residential areas in the city.

Goregaon has also become and important transport area in Mumbai, due to its excellent road connections to other parts of the city. The neighbourhood is also within easy reach of Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport – making it an ideal destination for business travellers on a busy schedule. The Goregaon Rail Station also makes it easy to commute in and around the city, another reason why the neighbourhood is popular with those visiting Mumbai for business. If you wish to explore Goregaon as an area to stay during a trip to the city, then follow our Mumbai area guide for information on the best things to do in the area.

There are many places to visit in Goregaon, from sleek shopping centres to exciting restaurants. The area is known for its natural beauty and nature parks, so whether you wish to visit lakes, caves or beaches there are plenty nearby. Being a residential area, there are also plenty of family-friendly attractions close by. If you are wondering what to do in Goregaon, continue reading our neighbourhood area guide for advice on restaurants, attractions and the best shopping destinations nearby.


Located in the north of Mumbai right by the airport, Juhu has got it going on in terms of action. There are plenty of places to visit in Juhu so if you’re moving here, you may want to make a to-do list of all the must-see attractions. Juhu is perhaps best known for its impressive stretch of sandy beach (Juhu Chowpatty Beach), which lures in Mumbai locals for ‘staycation’ weekends and visitors for a brief break from the madness of inner-city Mumbai.

Look to Juhu as a prime Mumbai location to live. It draws in a largely young crowd, and has plenty to offer in the way of shopping and eating too. On the weekend, you’ll likely catch a cricket match or two on the beach, or drop into a live performance at the Prithvi Theatre, known for its boundary-pusing plays.

Whether you’re looking to become a Juhu resident or simply visit for a little while, there’s lots to do in the Juhu neighbourhood. Check out the ISKCON temple, watch a performance or take part in a game of cricket on the beach. This is the ultimate Mumbai spot to hang out and take in an atmosphere that is so typical to this frenetic, lively city.


The pleasant local area and excellent connections to Mumbai make Kandivali a popular option for those seeking a local way of life in Mumbai. This upmarket area has become a popular residential destination over the years, due to its nicely maintained local environment, quality civic amenities and highly regarded schools. The neighbourhood offers plenty of high quality accommodation, as well as excellent transport connections to the rest of the city. Kandivali markets are well stocked and conveniently located, making it easy to pick up essentials or food produce close to home.

Wits own dedicated railway station at the centre of the neighbourhood; Kandivali is an incredibly well connected area in Mumbai. The local area is a key business location in itself, with The Times of India Printing Place, The Mahindra & Mahindra Plant and the Akurli Industrial Estate all calling the neighbourhood home. Even those working for organisations closer to the city centre will find it convenient to stay in Kandivali, with plenty of convenient transport routes in and out of the city.

There are many places to visit in Kandivali, including the Goyal Plaza Shopping Centre, EsselWorld Amusement Park and the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. The area is surrounded by natural beauty including the scenic Aksa Beach, just 1.5km away from the neighbourhood. As Kandivali and its surrounding neighbourhoods are known for their luxury 5 star hotels and suites, the area is also an excellent place to visit a spa or an upscale restaurant within one of the hotels.

Read our Mumbai area guide for more essential information and ideas for what to do in Kandivali.

Navi Mumbai

Navi is a neighbourhood in the north east of mumbai 70. Navi Mumbai (meaning ‘New Bombay’) was a man-made township area, created in order to boost business and create new homes for a burgeoning Mumbai population. It has become a sought-after residential area for many but remains to be seen as a place to live, rather than to work, so lots of people commute from Navi into Mumbai.

The reason for its popularity may be that after being given the go-ahead in 1979, Navi has become an environment friendly place in a city that very much needs its green attitude. Beautiful landscape gardens, green space and local parks make up a lot of the Navi area. Hilly landscapes, lakes and verdant space is accounted for half of the Navi neighbourhood, so if you love to take time out from the big city life, then Navi may well be the neighbourhood for you. Not just that, but there are plenty of places to visit in Navi too - including visiting the Pandakva Waterfalls and jumping on a ride at Navi’s Wonder Park.

Whether you’re looking to make Navi your home, stay for a couple of months or even just hang around after a short business trip, this Navi Area Guide has all you’ll need to make the most out of your time in this thriving Mumbai district.


A well-connected suburban neighbourhood in the north east of Mumbai, Powai is an excellent destination for business travellers and expatriates. Benefitting from excellent proximity to Mumbai’s international airport, the neighbourhood gives frequent travellers or extended stay travellers a taste of truly authentic life in Mumbai.

Home of the Ganesh Chaturthi Festival, this is a vibrant and exciting neighbourhood with plenty to see and do in the local and surrounding areas. Over the recent years, the neighbourhood has benefitted from excellent development and has since become one of the most upmarket residential areas and commercial hubs in the city. Powai is also Mumbai’s centre for start-up businesses, with many young entrepreneurs starting their businesses with the assistance of institutes such as IIT Bombay.

There are many places to visit in Powai, from the Powai Lake to the nearby Sanjay Gandhi National Park. It is easy to decide what to do in Powai after sunset, with a vibrant and cosmopolitan nightlife scene and modern shopping centres and movie theatres. Powai markets and supermarkets are conveniently located throughout the neighbourhood, making it easy for extended stay guests to pick up the essentials before or after work.

As a bonus for film lovers, Powai is the location for scenes in many Bollywood and Hollywood movies, including Slumdog Millionaire and Kalyug. Visitors can look out for familiar sights from the movie during their time here. If you are planning a stay in Mumbai, then Powai could be the perfect neighbourhood to seek out long-term accommodation – continue reading our Mumbai area guide for more information on what to do, places to see and places to eat.

Ville Parle

Known as a highly convenient business location, Ville Parle is a popular residential neighbourhood with plenty to see and do. With excellent connections to the city centre, railway station and the international airport, the neighbourhood is ideal for extended stay visitors seeking a diverse and interesting stay in Mumbai.

Ville Parle is regarded as one of the most popular neighbourhoods for frequent travellers, due to its close proximity to Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport. Guests to the area can also reach Mumbai’s coastline swiftly and easily, with plenty of popular beaches to explore. Popular Mumbai tourist attractions such as Mount Mary Basilica and Bandra Fort are also located close by, perfect for exploring on days off. The area is known as an educational hub, with many highly regarded institutes including Mumbai University nearby.

With its own dedicated railway station, residents in Ville Parle benefit from excellent convenience and access. The neighbourhood is close to many of Mumbai’s business centres, and is also a hub of cultural activity, with a range of arts performances and music programmes taking place.  

There are many places to visit in Ville Parle, from shopping centres to cafés, restaurants and pubs. There are also plenty of things to do in Ville Parle outdoors, including the popular Juhu Beach – located just 5 minutes away. Guests can visit the ISKON temple, Mahalaxmi Temple, many Ville Parle markets and much more. If you are planning a short or extended-stay visit to Mumbai and wish to learn more about the Ville Parle area, continue reading our Mumbai area guide for more information.