Short Stay Apartments in San Francisco

Short Stay Apartments San Francisco

Short stay apartments in San Francisco are not hard to come by, provided you venture to the right place. At TheSqua.re, we have an extensive collection of short stay apartments in the city that offer the right combination of amenities and facilities along with highly strategic locations for maximum convenience. 

We offer apartments that are ideal for solo travelers, business travelers, couples and even families looking for extra space, comfort, privacy and flexibility during their trip. San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the USA and attracts a large number of business and leisure travelers around the year. 

Why Book Our Short Stay Apartments in San Francisco?

You should definitely consider booking our short stay apartments in San Francisco. Firstly, our apartments come suitably equipped with all the amenities and facilities that you desire for a comfortable stay in the city. Secondly, they are equipped with all necessary appliances and security features while offering connectivity, entertainment and recreational features. Thirdly, they are well connected to major business and tourist destinations along with the best restaurants, shopping destinations and nightlife hubs. Last but not the least, our apartments give you plush furnishings, ample space, complete privacy and comfortable beds for much-needed relaxation. 

Our Short Stay Apartments in San Francisco for Families 

We have the best short stay apartments in San Francisco for extended family trips. Consider them your own new home. They have the necessary comforts, amenities, fully equipped kitchens, appliances and adequate room for accommodating everyone comfortably. You will enjoy more privacy during your stay along with access to entertainment and recreational facilities to keep the children and adults engaged. What’s more, our units are well linked to major tourist and historical landmarks along with shopping centers, restaurants and parks as well. 

Our Short Stay Apartments in San Francisco for Business Travelers

Business travelers and corporates looking for a peaceful, smooth and hassle-free stay in San Francisco should check out our portfolio of impeccably tailored apartments. We have many short stay apartments in San Francisco to help you unwind in style after a hard day at work courtesy of the super comfortable beds, top-class furnishings, ample space and fully equipped kitchens. Our apartments also help you readily access major facilities of public transportation along with leading business and commercial hubs as well. 

Biggest Attractions Near Our Short Stay Apartments in San Francisco

There are loads of attractions situated near our short stay apartments in San Francisco. They include the following:

  • Golden Gate Bridge - The Golden Gate Bridge is an iconic landmark. It is the most photographed tourist landmark in the whole city with the entire vista being a panoramic delight, both during the day and night. The Bridge links San Francisco to Marin County and several other districts lying further northwards. Nob Hill is where you will find some lovely views of the bridge and this is the same case in Marin County. You can venture to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area for taking pictures too. 
  • Alcatraz Island - The intriguing and mysterious Alcatraz Island is the site of the former penitentiary along the San Francisco Bay. It is one of the most controversial prisons in the USA, functioning for close to 30 years, being closed in 1963 and reopened in 1973 as a tourist landmark. Some of the biggest American criminals were housed here including the notorious Birdman who became the influence for the movie The Birdman of Alcatraz and also Al Capone. 
  • Fisherman’s Wharf - One of the most popular tourist landmarks in San Francisco this is a great place to go on a cruise for sightseeing. Key attractions for tourists in this zone include the Musee Mecanique, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Ghirardelli Square and also Ripley’s Believe It or Not! There are several 19th and 20th century ships that nestle the waterfront at the pier on Hyde Street called the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park. There is also the USS Pampanito which is a submarine dating back to the Second World War and is a part of the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park as well. Pier 39 is also home to more than a hundred stores and unique places to grab a bite. 
  • Cable Car Rides - There are some cable car tours still remaining for tourists which promises a historically fulfilling experience. Ever since the year 1964, these tram-esque vehicles have possessed the novel distinction of being the sole transportation system to be declared as a famous or historic monument. The Powell-Hyde and Powell-Mason routes are worth exploring along with several tourist attractions including Nob Hill, Ferry Building, Ghirardelli Square, Lombard Street and the Fisherman’s Wharf. 
  • Golden Gate Park - The Golden Gate Park is where you will come across many museums and gardens along with a charming green space in the heart of the city itself. There are several walking trails spanning the area along with cycling trails, more than 5,000 types of trees and plants, bridle pathways, lakes and even a buffalo paddock. Key landmarks include the California Academy of Sciences Museum, de Young Museum, Japanese Tea Garden, Steinhart Aquarium and also the San Francisco Botanical Garden. 
  • Chinatown - This is the biggest Chinatown outside of Asia and also the oldest such establishment in all of North America to. This zone has several workshops, temples, theaters, antique and souvenir stores, outlets, traditional pharmacies and charming teahouses along with the best restaurants and other shopping hubs in town. The Chinese New Year celebrations are worth witnessing here while Grant Avenue is the key thoroughfare with its Chinatown Gateway at Bush Street. 
  • Legion of Honor - The Legion of Honor is an elegant building built in the neoclassical beaux-arts décor template and is the most impeccable museum in the city of San Francisco. It was a gift from the noted philanthropist, socialite and art patron Alma de Bretteville Spreckels. The museum was tailored to be a replica of the Paris-based Palais de la Legion d’Honneur. This museum sports a fascinating collection of decorative arts from Europe along with paintings, sculptures and antiques from the East and the Mediterranean as well. The museum is situated at Lincoln Park which is a delightful green zone with coastal woodlands, a golf course and charming walking trails. Visitors can take the pathway along the Lincoln Highway which has fabulous views of the ocean and Golden Gate Bridge alike. 
  • Palace of Fine Arts - This is the only structure that remains in San Francisco from the Panama Pacific Exposition in the year 1915 and has earned a listing in the National Register of Historic Places as well. This classical building is nestled wonderfully atop the lagoon that neatly reflects its mirror image onto the calm and tranquil waters. You will love the drifting geese and ducks which create a delightfully photographic vista all around. The palace has now been restored with its grounds and has several performances and exhibitions being held here throughout the year. There is space for almost 1,000 people at the Palace of Fine Arts. 

Best Restaurants Near Our Short Stay Apartments in San Francisco

There are many leading restaurants located near our short stay apartments in San Francisco. They include the following:

  • Mister Jiu’s - Mister Jiu’s is where Chef Brandon Jew offers a westernized interpretation of Cantonese dishes from traditional times. This is a charming location looking onto Chinatown along with salvaged floral chandeliers with golden hues, floor-length windows for a neat touch and wooden tables that hark back to an earlier era as well. The dishes are irresistibly sumptuous as well.
  • Che Fico - Traditional Italian fare comes to the fore here with offerings like pizza, primi, antipasti and secondi. There is a pizza oven from Italy where delicious pizzas are churned out with ingredients such as red onions and pineapples while there are other delicious treats on offer like the wood-fired chicken and orechhiette complete with tomatoes and lamb sausage alike. The olive oil cake is a major attraction too.  
  • Liholiho Yacht Club - Arising from the wonderfully inventive imagination of Chef Ravi Kapur, the Liholiho Yacht Club offers a fusion of Californian and Hawaiian flavors with a tinge of Chinese taste as well. Some of the best picks here include the duck liver toast complete with pickled pineapple and jalapeno and even roasted octopus with curried raisins.
  • Outerlands - Primarily driven by a menu stronger in vegetables that are fresh and immensely healthy, Outerlands is ideal for a lazy weekend lunch or brunch with the family or buddies for company. It goes without saying that the food is great as well.

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