Short Term Lets Apartments Dublin 4

Short Term Lets Dublin 4

Dublin is known for the friendliness of its locals and its authentic culture. It attracts a variety of travelers including writers, artists, and even intellectuals. The capital of the Republic of Ireland, Dublin is located on the east coast nearby the River Liffey. While the pubs and fine restaurants of Dublin are there to serve you the authentic taste of Ireland, various fully furnished rental apartments are there to introduce you to the stylish lifestyle of locals. The Squa.re has a range of short-term lets apartments in Dublin, which are fully furnished, spacious yet affordable. These apartments have a luxurious bathroom, private bedroom, kitchen, balcony with a view, and are located in the most beautiful areas of the city. 

Top Short Term Lets Apartments in Dublin

These apartments ensure a top-class service and a sense of comfort for all the guests. These are covered with facilities like 24 hours hotel-style reception, car parking, lift access, central heating, maid availability as frequently as you require, and even room service in some. 

Where to Stay in Dublin?

North inner city and the city center area of Dublin are the best parts to live in here with a fantastic nightlife scene. Dublin has a little complex geography as it is divided in several ways. The town itself is divided into south Dublin and north Dublin by the Liffey River. It is further divided into 24 separate postal districts, then smaller neighborhoods. 

If you want to stay in the most central and dense area of Dublin, North Inner City is the place for you with a variety of restaurants, cafés, and coffee shops all around you. There are a few museums around such as The Irish Emigration Museum and National Leprechaun Museum, which are famous tourist attractions. City Centre South is the second option for those who are looking to stay in the heart of the city. It is a little more expensive and affluent.

Facts about Dublin

A very interesting fact about Dublin is that it has over 130 rivers flowing across the region. Here are a few unusual and interesting facts about Dublin that will make you want to book your short term lets in Dublin:

  • St. Valentine was executed and buried in the Whitefriars Street Church of Dublin. 
  • Author of the gothic horror novel Dracula, Bram was born in Dublin.
  • The brazen head is the oldest pub in Dublin and it was built in 1754.
  • Dublin has the largest city park in Europe, it is also the place from where the widest street, O’Connell Street passes. 

Weather in Dublin

Dublin winters are very cold and wet while summers here are comfortable. The temperature ranges from 35 Degrees to 65 Degrees Fahrenheit over the year. The coldest months being December and January are still worth the visit since all our short-term lets in Dublin are highly comforting with facilities like 24-hour central heating and room service available to comfort you.

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