2 Month Accommodation London

2 Month Accommodation London

London is a city that needs to be experienced. And it can’t be fully appreciated in just a few days, visitors need far longer than that to bask in the culture and beating heart of one of the top destinations in the world. When visitors have the option to stay longer, be it for sabbatical or long term projects with their company, they need somewhere to stay. For stays of 2 months, we have a variety of serviced apartments that are fully equipped to deliver the perfect long term stay in London.

Our Best 2 Month Accommodation in London

Throughout our diverse and extensive portfolio, there are serviced apartments that go above and beyond. While each of our apartments represents the very best that a guest can get, there are always sparkly gems amongst the pile. They have all the beloved amenities whilst being in central locations that enable business and leisure guests to relax and explore London at their will.

For those looking for accommodation in London for 2 months, the following apartments are our top picks:

Why Should You Book 2 Month Accommodation in London?

When long stays are inevitable, it’s always best to book long term accommodation. There’s nothing worse than moving from one short term lease to another. It’s always best, and far more stress-free, to book the one apartment and remain for the entire duration. Our team of professionals ensure that this can be done so business and leisure can be pursued in the long term with no unnecessary interruption. With fully furnished living spaces, perfection isn’t far away for long term London travellers.

Facilities in Our 2 Month Stay Apartments in London

We pride ourselves on equipping our serviced apartments with all the amenities that corporate and leisure guests need to enjoy long term trips to London. For example, we have fully equipped kitchens so guests can cook for themselves and eat healthy foods whilst saving on extortionate restaurant bills, a flat screen TV to watch the British shows on their own or with friends and family along for the trip, cosy beds to sleep with ease, spacious living areas to spread out and free Wi-Fi to remain connected to love ones and colleagues, or to just stream more content.

Aside from the above, some residences and buildings may well offer long term guests additional facilities like a gym, swimming pool, spa, balcony, business centre and more for an extra cost (or for free).

Types of 2 Month Accommodation in London

Choice is always paramount when it comes to travel. Guests want to be able to pick their next stay and have a whole array of options that suits their needs and group size. We recognise that this is vital and therefore showcase apartment types that can fit solo travellers, couples, friends and families with no hassle. Space and utilities are essential so we do our best to put these things centre stage. Plus, the apartment type has to be ideal for a 2 month stay and must be something that all guests can live in that suits a second home.

Our serviced apartment types include the following:

  • Studio - These open-plan living quarters bring everything in easy reach and are always chosen by single travellers or couples that want a more compact yet spacious apartment.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartments - The classic style, couples that want a place that feel like home will often go with this layout, the same with business travellers that want a shot of nostalgia. 
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments - Ideal for small families and business groups, everything is here for travellers to relax after long days in the city.
  • 3 Bedroom Apartments - Larger families and groups will be more than equipped and looked after when they book this type of serviced apartment.
  • 4 Bedroom Apartments - When there’s a crowd of family members coming along for a long stay in London, this is what parents should pick to satisfy kids, grandparents and more.
  • 5 Bedroom Apartments - Long term project teams need ample space where they can work together and connect to bring the project to a swift and satisfying close. For times like this, a 5 bedroom apartment is the right choice.

Where Can You Find Our 2 Month Stay Accommodation in London?

When guests book for 2 months or more, they need an area that they can feel right at home in, that fits with their personality. As London is one of the biggest cities in the world, there are numerous districts and boroughs that have their own characteristics and can suit different needs. From the trendy spots to the corporate hideaways, hipster streets to affluent neighbourhoods, London can please everyone. That’s why our portfolio has the diversity of the city, so we can meet the requirements of all long term travellers to the city of London.

Some of the top districts of London to book for 2 months include:

  • Angel - Close to Islington, this neighbourhood comes with many trendy establishments and other assortments to keep guests happy.
  • Hoxton - A vibrant district, clubs, bars, and pubs surround the streets as London’s young professionals come and spend their night here to wind down.
  • Fitzrovia - A mixture of residential housing and affluent apartments, this is the perfect blend of both worlds where business and leisure travellers can collide with ease.
  • Hounslow - Near Heathrow Airport, this district grants fast and efficient access to those that require international travel without the hassle.
  • Notting Hill - While it may be synonymous with the film that holds its name, the Portobello Market and Notting Hill Festival still make it a worthwhile district to call home for 2 months.
  • Canary Wharf - The epicentre of business transactions in the city, corporate travellers are always eager to book accommodation here to be close to the headquarters, boutique shops, and fancy restaurants.
  • Chelsea - London’s most expensive area, Chelsea is full to the brim with stylish accommodation that can suit the needs of all travellers.
  • Richmond - Sitting across the River Thames, Richmond has its expansive Royal Park and a host of other amenities to entertain its guests.
  • Kensington - With museums up and down Exhibition Road, and Kensington High Street crowded with tourists, this is a busy but affluent district to book for 2 months.
  • City of London - One of the oldest districts of London, this is where business landmarks like The Gherkin and the Shard grace the skyline.

London Attractions Near Our 2 Month Stay Accommodation

Staying in London for the long term means that there is more time to explore the huge attractions that grace the city. From the old fashioned to the modern, the galleries to the museums, the parks to the restaurants, there is no short of entertainment to discover during the 2 months.  Our serviced accommodation is always situated in close proximity to city landmarks, or to stations that can get guests there in a few short stops. Regardless of what district guests book in, they are always guaranteed an incredible spot to enjoy the best of London.

These are the attractions that guests can enjoy when they book our serviced apartments:

  • Shakespeare’s Globe - This reconstructed theatre gives visitors a chance to experience Shakespeare the way audiences would have in Elizabethan times. 
  • Old Spitalfields Market - The market boasts many stalls that sell a wide collection of goods and trinkets that can be taken home to show off.
  • Oxford Street - The most famous shopping street in London, consumers will find a wide variety of brands they love at bargain prices.
  • Westminster Abbey - The resting place of Britain’s most important leaders and innovators, the interior really does take a person’s breath away. 
  • London Eye - With stunning views across the city, those that want a likable post on Instagram should board this attraction and snap away.
  • Natural History Museum - Dinosaurs, the human body, and the wonders of evolution are housed within, making this museum immensely popular.
  • Sky Garden - The perfect corporate hang out to impress clients throughout the 2 months, the views and coffee make it a must.
  • The Gherkin - With a restaurant to go with the London skyline, leisure and business travellers can dine on expensive foods and expansive views.
  • Tower of London - The prison of Britain’s enemies many centuries ago, now the Norman structure is a glorious and must-see attraction.
  • Tower Bridge - Its iconic towers and rising bridge are one of many images that people conjure up when they think of London.

Best London Restaurants Near Our 2 Month Stay Apartments

London has a plethora of restaurants that are waiting to be tried and tested. A 2 month stay in London means that there will be plenty of time to indulge in the finest restaurants that the city has to offer its many visitors. Its focus on global cuisine means that those that have a fussy palette will be able to find something that works for them. As eating out is part of the business and leisure experience, we put our apartments within easy reach of restaurants in London, so dining at all points of the day isn’t a pointlessly long excursion.

A few of the best restaurants to visit if staying in the city of London for 2 months include:

  • Murano - A fine dining restaurant in Mayfair, this Michelin-starred flagship offers to pick ‘n’ mix courses from the a la carte menu, confit duck croquettes with pear remoulade,  charred mackerel, and more. 
  • Mangal 2 - With a sweet, smoky scent, this Turkish restaurant serves adana kofte to a monster plate of mixed grill. 
  • Restaurant Story - Having a Michelin star to its credit, the restaurant cooks with imagination and flair.
  • Blacklock - Big piles of charred and juicy chops await guests that want to be made full of succulent meats and a trendy atmosphere. 
  • Restaurant Gordon Ramsay - Part of Gordon Ramsay’s portfolio, a classic French technique that underpins the menu, features a well-worn list of old and new favourites.
  • Decimo - Fusing Spanish and Mexican cuisine to excellent effect, this top pick is one that’s not to be missed.
  • Needoo Grill - The mecca for those that love Pakistani food, visitors can enjoy the wafts of smoky mixed grill spicy vegetables
  • Rules - One of the oldest restaurants in London, it is a bastion of fine dining, guests can indulge in roast grouse with game chips followed by a pick from a selection of sticky sweets.
  • The Clove Club - Reinventing modern British cuisine, those who book a table can explore the 10-course tasting menu and the beautifully bright and airy dining room.

Corporate Accommodation in London for 2 Months

Business travel in London for 2 months needs that extra spark. A simple apartment simply won’t do for such a long stay in London. It has to feel like home and be fully equipped for every need. That’s why we are proud to present our serviced apartments; all of which fit the bill for long stays in the city. The facilities for modern-day corporate travel are taken care of, and guests can work remotely or simply relax at their leisure with nothing to come between them and the perfect stay. With fast connections to business headquarters and a second home to return to, London corporate travel is given an extra boost by our array of serviced apartments.

2 Month Accommodation in London for Leisure

When families or solo travellers stay in London for the long term, an apartment must be comfortable for the entire duration. It must function as their own home that they can unwind in after weaving their way around the glorious attractions of the capital. Once they enter their apartment, it will be the cosy environment that they can watch TV in, connect to family or cook something delicious. Either way, our portfolio gives leisure guests ample opportunity to relax and get away from the weights of the modern workplace.

Transport Near Our 2 Month Stay Accommodation in London

London may well be big, but its transport network is one of the most impressive in any major city. With the like of the London Underground, Overground, DLR, buses, airports and other TfL services, keeping connected to the best bits are simple and easy to manage, but new guests may not find this to be the case automatically, so we ensure that our apartments are situated near tube stations and other connections for every guest’s convenience.

  • Old Street
  • Hoxton
  • Hounslow Central
  • Goodge Street
  • Tottenham Court Road
  • Charing Cross
  • Aldgate
  • Holborn
  • Angel
  • Canary Wharf

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