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San Francisco Corporate Apartments

When visiting San Francisco for a business stay, head straight to the southern part of this gorgeous city of California. The whole corporate charm of Silicon Valley lies right there. Our corporate housing in San Francisco gets you direct proximity to the biggest global giants from all fields alike. From tech to automobile, design to whatnot, the city is studded with some of the biggest names in the world. From Google to Tesla, Intel to Adobe, you can expect all that fancy work vibe already! 

From the comforts of recliners to bathtubs, Wi-Fi for work from home weekdays to a fully stocked kitchen for cosy weekends, we have kept all the experiences for an ideal business stay in mind. Our work apartments offer a fine balance of work and entertainment, comforts of home to the luxury of hotels. Such is a fine corporate housing experience that our catalogue proudly presents to modern business travellers from all around the world.

Our Best Corporate Housing in San Francisco

What can be the handful of features that make coming back to a corporate rental in a new city worth it? It can either be the dream-like view from your living room or that microwave to warm up your Mac and cheese. You may also consider the most soothing mattresses to lay your back on after a whole day of sitting in the office chair to a saltwater bath in your in-house bathtub. It can also be all of those together in our exquisite catalogue of studio accommodations, one-bedroom apartments, or even 2 bedroom apartments in San Francisco on a sharing basis. Our best corporate apartments in the city offer the most unparalleled living experience in the mini hearts popping across San Francisco.

Types of Apartments Available in San Francisco

We offer a great mix of high-end studio apartments, stunning high-rise serviced apartments in San Francisco with classic waterfront views and even affordable sets. This eclectic mix of corporate housing in San Francisco lets you see an elaborate catalogue and make an informed choice. From a solo business trip to a serious work trip on a sharing basis with a colleague, our studio abodes, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom sets together offer you just the choices you need and completely deserve to see.

Why Should You Consider Our Corporate Apartments in San Francisco? 

With over 5 financial institutions settling for San Francisco, it is rare for travelers looking for opportunities to find anything missing. From hosting giants like Pinterest and Airbnb, and being a permanent home to biggies like Tesla and Adobe, the city oozes with work opportunities. From digital marketing and fashion careers to tech careers, client proposals to academic courses, there is so much that this city offers. With so much going on around, a home-like place that holds everything together until you come back is a boon. Our furnsihed corporate housing shares the same vision. From marvelous waterfront views from the windows to the in-house kitchen to get you through without upsetting your health, security cameras to Netflix and Wi-Fi, expect an all-around living experience with our team. 

Facilities in Our Corporate Housing in San Francisco

At TheSqua.re, we look forward to sharing with you the most wholesome living experience in the heart of San Francisco. We boast of offering the most comforting bedrooms, lavish bathrooms with bathtubs, showers, or even jacuzzi in some, and a ready-to-use kitchen. From modern kitchen appliances, grocery boxes to free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV and a cozy little balcony on the side, the range of facilities is quite wide and welcoming in our modernly-furnished abodes. With a complete kitchen awaiting you, you have all the facilities to call this your home in San Francisco. 

Some of our exclusive bunch of amenities that give our corporate housing a direct edge over our competitors include:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • In-house locker
  • Coffee maker
  • Dining table
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Oven & microwave
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine & dishwasher
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV 
  • Balcony with a view

Where Can You Find Our Corporate Apartments in San Francisco?

From the myriad of neighborhoods that San Francisco boasts of, the financial opportunities are clustered within a few popular ones. Out of the most financially viable areas, we have picked a few most elaborate neighborhoods for our furnsihed corporate housing in San Francisco. From proximity to corporate giants to a varied culinary and entertainment scene, each of them qualifies for a highly convenient stay. The choice of locations for each serviced apartment has been made only after endless rounds of research. The expertise and the trust of our team make us so confident to offer you our top picks right away.

Some of our handpicked neighborhoods that make our corporate housing in San Francisco so apt to choose are:

  • Santa Clara - From Indian supermarkets to Korean restaurants, the University to Apple company, Santa Clara comprises the most diverse crowd and inhabitants. Expect inclusivity and celebration of diversity here. 
  • North Beach - Brushing with the busy Financial District on the South, it is an excellent choice for solo travelers to stay closer to work and still make the most of the rich beachside of the city. Its nightlife is extremely active and quite popular too.  
  •  SOMA - It is the ultimate magnet of tech workers and aspirants from around the globe. With South Beach, the stunning market, and companies like Dropbox and LinkedIn, this should be your go-to pick for a slightly higher budget. 
  • Palo Alto - If by any chance you are looking for corporate housing in San Francisco because of your college, this neighborhood is the popular home to the celebrated Stanford University. It is highly convenient and fun to stay in. 
  • Campbell - This expensive side of the valley is ideal for its authentic San Francisco experience. From Sunday Farmer's Market to business hubs of its own, it offers a total experience of the city's features. Don't even plan to travel far away daily from here.

Best Attractions Near Our Furnished Corporate Apartments in San Francisco

While choosing the most ideal accommodation to stay on a work trip, go for the apartment that is closest to a good number of local attractions. Our catalog of corporate housing in San Francisco comes with this rare advantage. With a dense food range available in the most culturally rich neighborhoods like Chinatown and a whole bunch of fine museums across California, you will get so much to see. Even on tight schedules that don't allow you an entire day to travel longer distances, our central abodes let you visit and even return within a matter of hours. 

Some of the most popularly visited attractions that can be spotted around our careful picks of San Francisco corporate apartments include:

  • Chinatown - For the weekends when you wish to get into a whole new world, this is the one to consider. From antique stores to workshops, restaurants to old tea houses, this is one of the oldest and the largest Chinatown outside Asia. 
  • Asian Art Museum - With sculptures aged over 6000 years to art pieces from the most breathtaking parts of Asia, this museum is hands down one of the most significant ones in the city. If you like art, history, or are just fascinated by the multiculturality of art, don't miss it.
  • Fisherman's Wharf - With over 130 shops and restaurants embellishing this gorgeous site, a waterfront adorned by yachts and boats, this is your one must-visit place when traveling anywhere near San Francisco. 
  • Twin Peaks - If you like the idea of experiencing what the only two hills of San Francisco which have not been built over look like, these will take your heart away. They are easy to drive to and offer the most stunning views.
  • Ghirardelli Square - If a place with lots of shops, galleries, and restaurants qualify to be an attraction on a lazy weekend, this is your place to be. From fountains to a chocolate factory, rose garden to terraces, find everything here. 
  • Alcatraz - If you are the more daring kind who likes to peep into some disturbing snippets from the past, this is the one for you. An old notorious American prison opened as an attraction for travelers. 
  • Golden Gate Park - From Japanese Tea Garden to a whole bunch of museums, a massive green space enough to be the lungs for the entire city to a whole array of plants, trees, and flower species, it has them all. 
  • Golden Gate National Recreation Area - This park on the coast is surrounded by the authentic San Francisco vibe and nature from all sides. Head to Marin County and immerse yourself in the beach area and walking trails spread over 600 sq. miles. 
  • Legion of Honor - It has been curated in the honor of Alma de Bretteville Spreckels, closely replicating the one in Paris. Sitting within Lincoln Park, it presents a rare collection of European and Middle-Eastern arts. Don't miss the bridge and the Pacific view here.
  • AT & T Park - What can be a better way to bond with your new team here than a baseball match? Visit this iconic park and stadium in the city and witness the San Francisco giants performing. Don't miss the waterfront view and thorough tours.

Best Restaurants Near Our Corporate Housing in San Francisco

Our corporate homes in the city are surrounded by the finest culinary tastes. From the crispiest tacos and organically made tortillas to slow roast delicacies, a combination of Korean and LA cuisines to the oldest restaurant in Chinatown, the food experience in San Francisco is quite impressive. We offer you the option of trying all these varied menus from the comforts of your home. When tired of trying endless restaurants, you will always have a full-fledged kitchen right at your disposal to prepare comfort food right at your home. With multiple culinary comforts available for you to choose from, we proudly offer you the finest corporate housing in San Francisco. 

Some of our top restaurants serving comfort food right around our urban pads that will help you choose from our corporate housing are listed below:

  • Sotto Mare - When moving around San Francisco, there will come a point when you will immensely crave seafood. This classy restaurant serves the most innovative seafood menu in the city. Savour the Italian-American taste here. 
  • Spruce -This is an ideal restaurant for elegant business lunches in a very posh setting. The dark brown walls, aim for perfection, spice duck, and leather chairs together make it just perfect!
  • El Buen Comer - Savor some of the most loved family recipes at this delicious Mexican restaurant. From slow-cooked meats to organic masa used to make fresh tortillas, it has an authentic Mexican paradise! 
  • Reem's California Mission - This little gem boasts of being the only Arab restaurant and bakery in the entire city. Reem’s serves the finest bread and sesame sandwiches. It sure lives up to its classic and consistent Arab hospitality. 
  • La Ciccia - Come here for their representative and unusual sea urchin pasta. While its menu is one of the must-try in the city, you must not miss its different wine selection. Their octopus stew is spicy, perfectly cooked, and delicious!  
  • La Taqueria - This cute restaurant serves cautiously balanced burritos and is validated by its highly loyal fanbase. Their carnitas and taquerias are some of the most loved by the locals in San Francisco. 
  • Um.ma - This restaurant is known for its seamless combination of Korea and LA. Enjoy a complete spread right on the patio. The menu is supremely flavorful in all its variety while its contemporary take on both cuisines makes it irresistible!
  • Sam Wo Restaurant - Dive into the oldest Cantonese menu across the city. Known for its rich history, it is a tourist magnet amidst Chinatown and serves the most delicious rice rolls and fish hooks. They boast of serving the best taste consistently over the decades. 
  • The Progress - Offers its huge platters brimming with slow-cooked meats full of flavours. Its barbecue duck plate is the most loved one in San Francisco. With an equally popular pair of martinis, this high-ceiling restaurant is quite sophisticated too.
  • PPQ Dungeness Island - Enjoy the flavours of Vietnam in the authentic roast crab and excellent garlic noodles served in this representative beach restaurant. Every meal here sure feels like a celebration in full bloom.

Public Transportation Near Our Corporate Apartments

From metros and buses to streetcars and cable cars, Uber and AirTrain to the PresidiGo Shuttle, and whatnot, San Francisco never leaves you out of options to explore. You can expect a highly dependable, inexpensive, and convenient mode of transportation around our premium range of urban pads. Yellow painted buses and highly efficient trains run across San Francisco which collectively come under Muni. Just download a metro map or an app called 511 SF Bay Transit Trip Planner and you are good to go. 

Some of the most easily accessible public transport stations (light rail, bus, and train stations) near our SFO corporate apartments include:

  • Downtown Campbell
  • Winchester
  • Lawrence Station
  • Santa Clara Caltrain
  • Embarcadero Station
  • Civic Center Station
  • Montgomery Street
  • King Station
  • Palo Alto Transit Center
  • Stanford
  • California Avenue Station

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