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I need to buy a Gibson as a wedding present, where can I get my hands on one near Aldgate?

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upvote    0    Hi Axl (great name by the way), I don't know any in Aldgate, but I do in Shoreditch - try this place https://www.vintageguitarboutique.com/ - they have some really nice guitars in there!
upvote    0    I wish I had friends that bought me guitars!
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Aldgate sits in East London and offers much to do including musical instrument shops. Some of the best shops in the Aldgate area are:

  • Andy Baxter Bass & Guitars Ltd: This is a vintage bass and guitar shop in London. This shop has established itself as the best place to find vintage basses in the UK. They are also a name in the vintage 6 string electric & acoustic guitar area. If you need a Gibson for a friend, this might be the place to find one, and at a reasonable price.
  • If you don’t have any luck in a guitar shop, why not go to a resale site such as craigslist or gumtree to find a guitar in good shape at a decent price.
  • If not online, most shops that you go to will have guitars for resale available.
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