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Are you seeking aparthotels in Birmingham? You should certainly take a closer look at our extensive portfolio of units located here. Birmingham is one of the most vibrant, flourishing and rapidly growing parts of the country and is home to several top-notch accommodation options as well. We make sure that you find accommodation that is suitably tailored to your needs. 

The best aparthotels in Birmingham can be readily found with the help of our award-winning reservations team. Our units come well equipped with all necessary amenities and facilities, making sure that you have a good time in Birmingham during your stay. Both leisure and business travellers will greatly appreciate our portfolio of aparthotels which combine the convenience of impeccable service as received at a leading hotel with the freedom, flexibility and privacy of your own apartment during your stay. We offer aparthotels at immensely competitive and reasonable rates even during peak seasons. 

Our Best Aparthotels in Birmingham

You can take your pick from a wide variety of aparthotels in Birmingham including the following: 

These are only some of our aparthotels in Birmingham and you can take the help of our team to find the right unit that is tailored for your needs. Every apartment in our portfolio comes with a highly strategic location, excellent amenities and features and most importantly, ample space for a comfortable stay in Birmingham. 

Why Book Aparthotels in Birmingham? 

You should certainly consider booking our aparthotels in Birmingham owing to the sheer freedom, comfort and privacy that you will enjoy during your trip. Simply think of the wide lineup of amenities and creature comforts that you simply cannot do without any more in your day to day life. You will find them all here at our impeccably serviced aparthotels. What’s more, you will also find the necessary safety and security features at our aparthotels. They come at competitive rates and offer a lot of flexibility during your stay. There is ample room for everyone and facilities are provided for just about everything from dining and cooking to entertainment, recreation and entertaining colleagues/relatives during your stay. You will also like the easy proximity to major tourist attractions, shopping and dining destinations and business zones in Birmingham that our aparthotels provide. All of these factors taken together definitely make booking aparthotels in Birmingham highly worth it. 

Aparthotels in Birmingham for Leisure Travellers

Leisure travellers and families will definitely appreciate our portfolio of aparthotels in Birmingham by all means. Families usually mean children, in-laws, parents and spouses. Everyone will find oodles of space to truly have a memorable visit to Birmingham. Along with the sheer space and freedom on offer for everyone, you will also like the bevvy of dining, entertainment, kitchen, security, recreation and other facilities on offer. From the best furnishings to comfortable beds, everything is in order for ensuring a memorable trip as a couple or with the whole family in tow for extended periods of time. Our apartments will also give you great connectivity options for visiting all the major historical sites and landmarks in Birmingham along with its galleries, museums, shopping destinations, restaurants, bars, pubs and even nearby parks and playgrounds. Our customer support team is also available round the clock for swiftly addressing and resolving your queries minus any hassles whatsoever. 

Aparthotels in Birmingham for Corporate Travellers

Corporate travellers are generally a non-fussy lot; they mostly prefer simple, convenient and functional accommodation for extended time periods in any different city or locality. We go the extra mile to give you the best travel experiences in Birmingham. Find aparthotels that offer impeccable service, complete with all the amenities and facilities that you could possibly require. These help you unwind in style after working hard throughout the day. Entertain friends and colleagues, get in on late-night brainstorming sessions, stay connected to friends and family, cook yourself a hearty meal or simply lounge about with some television. The list of things to do at our aparthotels is quite generous to say the least! You will also enjoy easy access to major facilities of public transportation, corporate and business hubs and other recreational destinations for your evenings and weekends off. Our aparthotels in Birmingham promise fulfilling stays for all corporate and business travellers. 

Top Attractions Near Our Aparthotels in Birmingham 

 Birmingham is home to numerous major attractions for visitors. Some of them include the following: 

  • Winterbourne House and Garden - A spectacular site dating back to the Edwardian era, Winterbourne House and Garden is located in close proximity to the campus of the University of Birmingham in Edgbaston. Some of the events held here include craft workshops, theatrical performances, art exhibitions and live music performances. The building was constructed in the hallowed Arts and Crafts design style in 1903 for John and Margaret Nettlefold. It also has rustic and charming outbuildings which are accompanied by massive gardens and an interesting selection of printing presses from the 19th century. 
  • Birmingham Back to Backs - Birmingham Back to Backs should count as one of the city’s most interesting attractions. Located in close proximity to the Arcadian, this courtyard of houses for working people dates back to the 19th century and was restored magnificently by the National Trust. Visitors will truly enjoy an immersive and highly educational experience during their visit to Birmingham Back to Backs. There are several guided tours that display how residents of Birmingham lived in the previous years and worked for earning their daily bread prior to the visit to the classic sweet shop from the 1930s while you are departing. 
  • The Coffin Works - Simply picture a visit to a unique and famous firm that has manufactured the coffin furniture for several funerals including those of icons such as the Queen Mother, Winston Churchill and Joseph Chamberlain among many others. Sounds intriguing right? The Coffin Works is where the Newman Brothers Museum is housed and this is located at the lovely Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. You will go back in time at this lovingly preserved museum of the Birmingham Conservation Trust and witness how the factory operated during its heydays in 1960 along with listening to music from the period as well. 
  • Library of Birmingham - The Library of Birmingham is regarded as the largest such public library in all of Europe. It is located right in the city centre, at the lovely Centenary Square. Along with housing a massive collection of books and periodicals, the library is also home to the famous British Film Institute National Archive. This is a collection of global photography along with collections and archives with immense historical significance. Visitors may consider embarking on guided tours of the library while witnessing the inspiring work of famous architect Francine Houben. 
  • Brindleyplace - This is an estate in Birmingham that you should visit without a doubt! It is home to numerous cafes, bars and restaurants and it showcases the canals of the region in their glory as well. Watch the lovely narrowboats gliding on the waters while you feast on a scintillating ramen bowl or sip a local cocktail and enjoy the breeze here. There are several fascinating events held here including the Birmingham Chili Festival, open-air film festival and also the BP Dragonboat Race among others. 
  • Museum of the Jewellery Quarter - The Museum of the Jewellery Quarter is a major attraction that is based within the Jewellery Quarter itself and showcases collections of Jewellery items that have been locally crafted while offering an entire program of adult and family-based workshops too. The story of the famous Jewellery Quarter and its evolution is masterfully narrated through the completely interactive exhibit at this museum and you will learn how the area eventually had its very own assay office. 
  • The Pen Museum - The Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham was once home to more than 100 factories that produced the speciality Birmingham pen. This uniquely themed museum narrates a fascinating tale and is home to more than 5,000 objects in entirety. Visitors will learn about the Birmingham pen trade and how it once supplied a whopping 75% of the pens used throughout the world in the 19th century. The museum also has calligraphy classes taking place in its dedicated Callicreative Room which is tailored both for experienced enthusiasts and beginners alike. 
  • Mac Theatre - This is located near the beautiful Cannon Hill Park and is home to a couple of theatres, a gallery, cinema, multiple studios and spaces for conducting rehearsals, a bar and café and community learning zone. There are multiple exhibits, workshops, performances and screenings that are held here on a daily basis. You can also participate in courses covering performance and visual arts, wellbeing and health and digital media among other areas of interest. 
  • Barber Institute of Fine Arts - The Barber Institute of Fine Arts is located near the campus of the University of Birmingham at Edgbaston. It has finely evolved and routinely changing exhibitions being held alongside the permanent collections which offer intriguing insights for art lovers and cultural connoisseurs alike. The famous coin collection of the museum is definitely worth checking out on your part. 
  • Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery - The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is the centrepiece for the iconic Chamberlain Square in the city and it also accommodates 40+ galleries of historic artefacts and artwork. The globally acclaimed collection of paintings from the Pre-Raphaelite period offer a chance to view stunning artwork by Millais, Rossetti and Hunt closely while the afternoon tea experiences are a charming affair at the Edwardian Tea Rooms. 
  • Lapworth Museum of Geology - The Lapworth Museum of Geology is neatly tucked away within the famous Aston Webb Building on the campus of the University of Birmingham. It was extensively renovated back in 2017 while being shortlisted for the Art Fund Museum of the Year Award as well. It enables researchers, students and the general public to closely examine more than 250,000 geological specimens as well. The Lapworth Museum works as a huge encouragement for visitors for witnessing how the formation of the Earth took place and evolved through the passage of time along with how life on Earth has evolved and developed strongly since. 
  • Cannon Hill Park - Cannon Hill Park is home to the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Centre and Mac Theatre and covers 80 acres of formal parklands along with 120 acres of conservation and woodland plantation. Visitors may enjoy fishing here along with games of mini-golf or tennis and there are two playing areas for children here as well in tandem with a mini funfair that takes place on weekends as well. In summer, this is where the annual Foodies Festival is hosted along with several other events for families. 
  • Birmingham Science Museum - The Birmingham Science Museum is only a little walk away from Moor Street Station. It is a prize-winning science-themed museum which is filled with exhibits including the Spitfire Gallery where you will find the story of the famous plane and its role in the Second World War and the legacy that binds it to Birmingham. The Marine Worlds Gallery is where there is an Ichthyosaur which is showcased completely for the first time and you can also check out the Planetarium on-site with scintillating shows for company. 
  • National SEA LIFE Center - The National SEA LIFE Center is located near Brindleyplace and offers a unique aquarium viewing experience for all visitors. This is where you will find a wide array of sea turtles, penguins and a lot more while learning more about the conservation projects of the organization and exploring the new area for octopuses. You will find several special tours on offer along with sleepovers too! 
  • Cadbury World - Cadbury World is an iconic establishment which will allow you to experience the famous Bournville and how it is made behind the scenes. You will be enthralled with the special exhibits showcasing the history of chocolate making over the years and the story of the family behind Cadbury in tandem with the science that goes behind manufacturing chocolates as well. There is the exquisite 4D Chocolate Adventure on offer as well while the world’s largest Cadbury shop awaits fans where you can snap up tasty treats. 
  • Birmingham Botanical Gardens - The Birmingham Botanical Gardens comes with four glasshouses and each one has its own specially tailored climatic conditions, ranging from subtropical and tropical to arid and even Mediterranean. Covering 15 acres of impeccably landscaped greenery, the garden is a site for hosting multiple special events such as educational courses, plays, live musical performances and also a fun water slide. 

Best Restaurants Near Our Aparthotels in Birmingham

Birmingham is home to several speciality restaurants. Here’s taking a look at some of them. 

  • Automatic Seafood and Oysters - This is one establishment that will take you back to a charmingly lazy seaside town. The theme is amazing with its awnings that decorate the lovely white building and diners who simply lounge about on Adirondack chairs across the grass filled lawn. This is the initiative of Chef Adam Evans and has lived up to its initial launch hype, being greatly inspired by the Chef’s previous tenure at the Atlanta based The Optimist. The food is eclectic and coastal and the dining room showcases a lovely ambience with its navy trimmed booths, wicker lights and curving bar that displays a ton of oysters put on ice. Top picks here include the Duck Fat Poached Fish, the signature dish for Evans along with the tender Octopus a la Plancha and a lot more. 
  • Trattoria Zaza - Trattoria Zaza offers the best pasta that you will ever find and it is a fine-dining destination with a difference. This fast-casual joint belies conventional fine food notions with a long line of people at all times and was opened in 2009 as Trattoria Centrale. You will simply relish the al taglio pizza here along with the scintillating pasta on offer. The open kitchen is a major attraction while the Penne all’ Arrabbiata is worth checking out along with the Fettuccine with Garlic Pecorino Cream as well. You will also enjoy picks like orecchiette pasta which is delightfully accompanied by gnocchi and spicy lamb sausage along with pancetta. 
  • Johnny’s - Johnny’s is a cult Birmingham food establishment that is the initiative of Chef Tim Hontzas. The award-winning chef opened this restaurant back in 2012 and fused his Greek and American roots towards churning out a highly interesting menu. The specials for the day are listed out on the chalkboard wall while there are Southern dishes galore including hamburger steak and fried catfish along with Greek picks like souvlaki and meatballs or keftedes. The Chef’s time in Mississippi is also commemorated through signature offerings like grilled Conecuh sausage with rice, red beans and fried chicken livers. 

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