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Dubai is truly a 21st century’s tourist destination, embracing the latest technological advances and offering visitors a truly unique experience. With its sumptuous shopping malls, breathtaking landscaped beaches and a wealth of cultural attractions, Dubai is now officially one of the most visited cities on earth. Of course, there has also been an explosion of holiday apartments in Dubai to match this increasing demand, so the city can now also boast some of the most luxurious and architecturally impressive places to stay anywhere in the world.

Holiday apartments in Dubai offer the ultimate way to experience the city. Dubai is famous for its luxury and private holiday apartments are no exception. Available throughout all the most popular neighbourhoods, these properties not only put guests in the heart of the city, but also present a comfortable in which to relax or socialise, or even just somewhere to escape the midday heat in private surroundings. Choosing to stay in an apartment also opens up more options when it comes to where to stay in the city, as well as offering a different kind of holiday experience, as many are located within resort complexes.

Holiday apartments in Dubai are often impressive attractions in themselves, offering all the advantages of traditional accommodation, such as room cleaning, reception and concierge services, whilst also providing the added luxury of a fully private, tastefully furnished and self-enclosed space. These apartments not only offer enhanced services, but also come with complete with fully-equipped kitchen facilities and modern home entertainment - which makes them the perfect option for either a short stay, or an extended trip to Dubai.

Of course, having chosen to stay in holiday apartments in Dubai, it is then important to choose the best area of the city in order to really get the most out of a trip. For example, anyone wanting to see the famous sights of Dubai will be better suited to the exciting Downtown Dubai or nearby Jumeirah Beach, or for a glimpse of old Dubai - Al Fahidi or Bur Dubai. Alternatively, those visiting Dubai on business will most likely look to base themselves around Business Bay.

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