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East London Accommodation

Most travellers coming to London are quite puzzled about which areas to choose from. Some particular travellers know exactly what they want. East London is one of those direct choices that we get quite often. Our exclusive accommodation in East London can be found in various warm neighbourhoods. Our ready to use serviced apartments come with an entire range of comforts that go from cosy beds and fine localities to the homely kitchen and complimentary Wi-Fi. TheSqua.re with almost a decade of curating serviced apartments comes with a vision of making every traveller leap out of the hesitation to rent. With affordable rates and premium experience of a home-like abode in a new city, we wish for everyone to see for themselves how a serviced apartment can make all the difference to your vacation.

Our Best Accommodation in East London

While this part of London is known for its happy people and closely-knit community, the experience of the city is surely settled. As far as the living experience is concerned, our premium range of accommodation in East London will take good care of providing a homely experience. Our exclusive range snuggled here comes with a spacious set of apartments for both business and leisure travellers. Whether a couple planning a romantic stay needs a 1 bedroom apartment or a corporate official looking for an affordable studio apartment, each abode has equal attention to detail and comfort. Even if a family vacation with teens brings you to this beautiful part of London, our exquisite accommodation has enough space and privacy for all alike. With sunlit rooms, fully-stocked kitchen, a flat-screen TV and lively ambience, we aim to offer the absolute best. 

Some of our handpicked accommodation in East London include:

Why Should You Book Accommodation in East London?

East London is one of those parts of the city which demands a cosy stay to be able to entirely experience its culture. Our fine accommodation in East London aims to offer exactly that. In some of the finest residential neighbourhoods of East, North-east and South-east London, TheSqua.re proposes to offer a stay of a lifetime. With strategic locations that allow proximity to the most loved local spots, markets, restaurants, and even parks, a cosy abode which you can easily hop in and out from is a must. We highly recommend travellers to try the experience of living in a fully furnished serviced apartment. When one chooses an accommodation over a hotel room, one gets multiple steps closer to experiencing the city like a local as opposed to a tourist. With a well-researched perspective on the city already, we are confident enough to share with you the best parts of East London. 

Facilities in Our Accommodation in East London

What makes TheSqua.re stand out among our competitors is the eclectic bunch of facilities that our serviced apartments offer. Our accommodation in East London is no different. If it is a business stay in London, you might need constant back and forth from back at home and even coordinate with multiple offices. The availability of stable and complimentary Wi-Fi along with the luxurious flat-screen TV ensure that coordination without any additional effort. Even if it is a healthy breakfast ritual that a family follows, a stay with us can easily accommodate that. With a hygiene home-like kitchen along with an organic grocery pack coming every week, your health is sorted too. From gym memberships to free parking and even concierge services, the list of comforting amenities is quite long. 

Some of these top-notch amenities that are either complementary or can be accommodated at an additional cost include:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Dishwasher
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Washing machine
  • Lift access
  • Flatscreen TV
  • Netflix and Amazon membership
  • Balcony
  • Business centre

Where Can You Find Our Accommodation in East London?

Except for the outskirts, East London is quite buzzing with activities, local markets, restaurants, and lively locals. Even though this part of the city is slightly calmer in comparison, there is a lot to explore at one’s own pace. With artsy streets in Shoreditch, lively restaurants in Hackney, sweet stalls and vintage collections in Spitalfields and so much more, East London offers a wholesome experience in each neighbourhood. With a vision to assist every traveller in making the most of the city, we ensure to either bring the attractions closer to you or get you closer to them. With the same motivation at our end, we have managed to curate accommodations in most of the prime neighbourhoods of East London. 

Some of the neighbourhoods where our accommodation in East London can be spotted include:

  • Shoreditch - It is one of the hottest London neighbourhoods with quirky street art, eclectic eating areas, and lots of activities to explore. An ideal area for both corporate and family stays. 
  • Spitalfields - One can enjoy shopping one's heart out in the Spitalfields Market, collect antiques, enjoy street food and simply enjoy the culture here. The warmth of people here is particularly worth staying. 
  • Canary Wharf - This thriving cluster of business and finance is the ultimate place to stay for business travellers. The food variety here is quite impressive.
  • Hackney - An absolute paradise for the lovers of art and Instagram. This entire area is full of Pinterest-ey lanes and an endless variety of food.
  • Bethnal Green - This vibrant neighbourhood has your night scenes sorted along with trendy restaurants to try during your stay. The gardens and the old railway-style architecture here makes it quite different.
  • Stratford - This is the ideal residential area of the eastern part of the city. With Olympic Park and traditional pubs like Darkhorse, Stratford is here to impress.

London Attractions Near Our Accommodation in East London

It is a known fact that East London has endless gems to explore. What makes it so popular is that it is an ideal part of the city for all kinds of travellers. While couples can enjoy the cosy cafes and vintage streets, kids can play their heart out in the parks. Even business houses adorn East London for the business travellers as much as the local markets for shopaholics. A stay here itself will cut down on so much of travel costs, more so because our apartments offer quite short distances from the prime attractions here. With so much to see and do here, living in East London for a big chunk of your vacation can be one of the best decisions for the upcoming London trip. 

Some of the notable attractions near our accommodation in East London include:

  • Whitechapel Gallery - A goldmine for the lovers of contemporary art Shoreditch. The first art gallery to be publicly funded, this iconic place came into being in the year 1901.
  • London Fields - This lovely park spread in a lush 32-acre land is ideal for families looking for a perfect picnic spot. 
  • Broadway Market - When staying here, markets become an attraction indeed. Head here to hunt for organic produce for your home kitchen. 
  • The White Cube Hoxton Square - Another gem for art lovers staying in East London. Its art exhibitions with a concept and provocation of thoughts are notably impressive. 
  • Brick Lane Market - A particular favourite among shopaholics. Grab from an irresistible range of vintage apparels from this market. 
  • Old Spitalfields Market - A Sunday special place to explore in East London. Bag some of the finest handmade products in this local favourite.

Best London Restaurants Near Our Accommodation in East London

Our serviced apartments have been cautiously placed near the local gems of East London. From DJ experience to Vietnamese delicacies, from proximity to Central London to South London, we have exploited until the extreme ends of East London’s potential. Each of our accommodations here allows you an impressive choice for each craving. From healthy breakfast to easy dinners, inexpensive order-ins to lavish brunches, parts of East London near our abodes have something for every taste. 

Some of the most popular restaurants neighbouring our fine accommodation in East London are:

  • Little Bat - With quirky cocktails and classic food, this restaurant has a sultry and hidden vibe to it. 
  • Giant Robot - This rooftop gem can be found in Canary Wharf, it is an ideal hub for the lovers of street food.
  • The Old Queen’s Head - A mix of food and party mode, this vibrant restaurant has one of the hippest DJs and crowds dancing overnight. 
  • Kingsland Road - A part of North-east London, this road alone is home to all the Vietnamese restaurants of the city.  
  • Boisdale - This Scottish restaurant and bar are popular for its jazz night and vintage set of whiskies.
  • Stoke Newington farmer’s Market - This is the ultimate East London hub for organic produce. Visit here once a week to collect a range for your home kitchen.

Cost of Accommodation in East London

It is one of the cost-effective areas in London. Living costs here can be quite affordable for travellers with most budget scales. On top of that, our serviced apartments in East London neighbourhoods come at quite irresistible prices as well. When combined with the cost of living with our luxurious amenities along with the estimated expenses for commuting and exploring the city, East London is quite a deal. One added advantage that comes with our serviced apartments is that we have a complete kitchen ready for you. Not relying on restaurants for every meal can be quite a cost-cutter in London City as posh restaurant meals are some of the most expensive things here. Overall, our accommodation in East London offers quite a great deal on vacation which is not only easy on the pocket but also on your regular routines.

Corporate Accommodation in East London 

With names like “Silicon Roundabout” being used for parts of East London, it is a fact that the startup culture is growing here like never before. With easy and affordable corporate accommodation here, our full-fledged serviced apartments have grown quite popular among business travellers. From connectivity to convenience, variety in eating to the standard of living, one can expect everything from our corporate accommodation in East London. Shoreditch is one popular cluster for business hubs here. Not just that, business groups or even a solo traveller living in our apartments can ease all the tensions about finding the right market nearby for fresh produce or markets for souvenirs. While our kitchen takes care of the groceries, everything else can be tracked down in a matter of minutes from our corporate accommodations anywhere in the city.

Accommodation in East London for Families

From Shoreditch to Spitalfields and even parts of Hackney, East London has some of the most active family-friendly neighbourhoods in the entire city. Our serviced apartments for families have been specially curated to provide as much convenience to travellers choosing to travel with families as possible. We understand how difficult it gets to take children or even teenagers along. While toddlers might ask for food practically any time of the day or even night, teens need their private space to unwind. Keeping all these factors in mind, each detail has been keenly observed in each of our serviced apartments. We also understand how difficult it gets for kids to constantly eat out or order in. We have even taken care of those Sunday pancake rituals or the hearty everyday brunches with our in-house kitchen for you and your entire family, right in the heart of East London.

Centrally Located Accommodation in East London

While East London has a lot to explore but there are still chances that you will have to explore. Expect to hop over to other parts of London or nearby neighbourhoods to get a more varied taste of the city. The advantage of being located in the prime spots of each neighbourhood gets the job easy. The primary tube station of your respective area can be accessed at a very short distance which makes commuting extremely convenient. While each location is chosen after detailed thought and deliberation, finding daily essentials, restaurants, or local markets is never going to be a problem. 

Some of the most convenient Underground stations near our accommodation in East London Include:

  • Shoreditch High Street
  • Canary Wharf
  • Goodge Street
  • Elephant & Castle Tube Station
  • Limehouse
  • Aldgate East
  • Spitalfields
  • Chancery Lane

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