Corporate Housing in New Jersey

Corporate Housing in New Jersey

While New Jersey may not be the financial center that New York is, the state still has a great deal to offer for business travelers. It may not be the most glamorous of states but it does have its own unique character that many will find very appealing to their sensibilities. While there are many cities to explore in the state, they will never be as populated as New York or have that manic vibe. New Jersey, for want of a better word, will have a calmer pace that will enable business travelers to chill. And our New Jersey corporate housing is the ideal companion to make that slower tempo a reality. They are fully equipped spaces that have all the needs of modern business travel in mind. Plus, they are situated in some of the top cities in New Jersey, including Jersey City. 

Our Best Corporate Housing in New Jersey

Every last one of our furnished apartments in New Jersey is a personification of our values. But there are always going to be those that go that extra mile and offer that special something that others can’t. The very best corporate housing will have that streak or extra quirky layout that shoots it ahead of the competition. If anything, the best is what our corporate guest wants and that is what we’re always going to deliver.

The best corporate housing that can be booked in New Jersey can be found below:

Facilities in Our Corporate Housing in New Jersey

There are many facilities available in our corporate apartments. No matter where in the state that our business guests book, they will find that all the features of their own home and more in our apartments. As soon as they enter, they will discover the likes of a fully equipped kitchen, a living room, cozy bedroom(s), a balcony (subject to availability) and free Wi-Fi that will enable them to work from the sublime beauty of their apartment rather than heading out onto the commuter belt. Plus, other amenities like a gym, spa and sauna may be available depending on the length of stay and whether or not the building has access to such things.

Types of Corporate Accommodation in New Jersey

Not every business trip will be the same. Some will just involve one solitary traveler, others could involve a partnership and others could have a whole team wanting to stay throughout New Jersey. We recognize these aspects of modern business travel which is why we offer a unique range that easily accommodates all.

These are the types corporate housing in New Jersey that we have available:

  • Studio Apartments - Popular for their open-plan layout, these apartments are usually picked up by solo corporate guests that want a private and personalized space that has everything where they need it. Always good for doing business in.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartments - Business travelers that aren’t so keen on the open-plan layout will be more inclined to go for these apartments that have everything in its own spot and enough space to spread out when needs be.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments - When a dynamic business duo are in the New Jersey state, they can stick together and go for a 2 bedroom apartment that has the space they need and the amenities for a cozy stay.
  • 5 Bedroom Apartments - Corporate project teams are more than accommodated for when they book these huge apartments. With all the sleeping and living space that they require, business and leisure will be able to go hand in hand here.

Attractions to Visit Near Our New Jersey Corporate Accommodation

While New Jersey’s cities won’t have the iconic landmarks that grace some of America’s other cities (yes, we’re on about NYC), they do have the quaint East Coast feel that can be found in New England states. Museums, galleries, parks, theme parks and more are here to be explored.

Our New Jersey corporate housing will give guests access to the following attractions across the state:

  • Liberty State Park - With 1,212 acres for everyone to explore, as well as common terns flying around the place, this can be a rewarding adventure for people of all ages who long for a bit of break from the loud noises of the city and to bask in a bit of nature. For the corporate traveler, it could prove to be a good place to rest up after a long day. 
  • George Washington Bridge - Connecting New York to New Jersey, corporate guests will probably have to venture across the bridge in a taxi or a car hire to get to from place to place, depending on how business goes. If not on business then they can have a morning run across the bridge or simply take in the magnificent views.
  • Hard Rock Hotel Casino - Everyone needs to wind down at some point and this casino may well be one of the best places to do it. With slot machines and all the other usual games like blackjack, poker and all the rest of the nerve-shredding icons, this could bring a lease of energy into an otherwise dull corporate trip. Even if gambling isn't appealing, some of the extra events and the delicious foods may well entice others.
  • Liberty Science Center - Some of the great exhibits here include the original Hoberman sphere (a silver, computer-driven engineering artwork designed by Chuck Hoberman) and the largest and most technologically advanced planetarium in the West. Its collection and dedication to all things science is one that will be enjoyable for all.
  • Atlantic City Boardwalk - This spectacular oceanfront boardwalk has been open since 1870. That’s many years that locals and tourists have been able to take in the many stunning views and shops that stretch along it. Yes, in winter it may not be the most appealing of places but the summer months really do bring out its character and splendor.
  • Turtle Back Zoo - A bit of wildlife can brighten up any trip, even a corporate one. This zoo has a fine collection of animals that range across the usual species that people love most. Such a diversity of life is what makes this world so appealing, and hectic corporate hotshots need to take a breather and look around this world every so often.
  • The Newark Museum of Art - Hiram Powers, Thomas Cole, John Singer Sargent, Albert Bierstadt, Mary Cassatt, Edward Hopper, Joseph Stella, Tony Smith and Frank Stella are just some of the artists who have their works displayed here. Often rated as one of the best art galleries in the State of New Jersey, this has to be on the list of art aficionados who want to see the works of the great masters.
  • Six Flags Great Adventure - With many rides that will take adrenaline levels to the absolute extreme, this is where all corporate guests should head to when their business deals have gone sour, or they simply want a break from the long negotiations. There are roller coasters and other thrilling rides to take the breath away.
  • Washington Crossing Historical Park - the historian in the corporate traveler will like this spot. Why? Because it’s where George Washington crossed the Delaware River during the American Revolutionary War, one of the key events that have been mythologized in a huge painting. Plus, there are 13 historic buildings here that also includes McConkey's Ferry Inn, which the plan was hatched. 
  • The Frelinghuysen Arboretum - A vast array of plant life, including ornamental grasses, spring-blooming shrubs and perennials, summer shrubs and cutbacks, fall fruit and foliage, and shade trees make up this great attraction. Plus, in the summer months, visitors can expect there to be concerts and other things happening here too.

Restaurants Near Our New Jersey Corporate Housing

There are many places to eat in New Jersey. With so many cities and towns to pick from, the state will whet the appetite of any fussy eater that’s willing to explore. The cuisines will range fairly wildly, as to be expected from an East Coast state. Plus, our apartments, no matter where they are in the state, will always be near the top restaurants in the area.

When booking our corporate accommodation in New Jersey, these are just a few of the restaurants that our guests need to look out for:

  • Aarzu - Those that love their traditional Indian dishes will adore this place as it serves up exactly what most people expect but with a modern twist. Some of the great dishes here include the likes of classic butter chicken, and avocado mango bhel, a twist on a traditional Mumbai dish of puffed rice, among many others. In short, a corporate dinner or a solo night out would go down well here.
  • Ada’s Latin Flavor - With dishes that are packed full of flavor, heart and soul, this is a rewarding restaurant that deserves the great reputation that it has managed to make for itself. Ethiopian cuisine is on the menu here so for those that haven’t tried it, this is where they need to head to. From mofongo or pastelon, doro wat and injera, there is much here that needs to be explored.
  • Elements - A five-course meal for $125 that changes throughout the seasons and a fine wine list creates the ultimate dining experience that will leave all business travelers more than satisfied. In fact, it might be one of the best spots to bring a top client that needs a little buttering up before signing a big deal.  Whether this restaurant is chosen for business or leisure, its high standards and delicious foods cannot be understated.
  • The Frog and the Peach - There’s so much to savor that it will be difficult to decide what to tuck into but the black-truffle ricotta gnocchi, pepper-crusted Wagyu skirt steak with green-peppercorn Cognac sauce is just one of the things that will fill up any starving corporate guest after a day of endless meetings. As this is a fairly popular place, it is more than recommended that tables are booked beforehand to avoid any disappointment.
  • The Red Store - Focusing on the chef’s Argentinean roots, this establishment is a general store and brunch spot during the day, while the weekends bring out the supper clubs and multi-course meals. Corporate guests that want to try something different to the usual American grub will be more than happy with what the chef cooks up here. There’s a reason why locals near this pub can’t get enough of it.
  • Il Nido - Three dining rooms and an incredible menu bring this luncheon spot to life. Complete with scrumptious dishes that include the likes of lobster and crab salad sparked with citrus and mustard, mugnaia in a light sauce braced with cruschi peppers and garlic, and many more, all eaters will find something to appreciate here.
  • Jockey Hollow Bar & Kitchen - Here, guests will find four dining spaces on three levels with a menu that is just as eclectic. Plates like scallops in brown butter with corn pudding and lemon-verbena shrimp sauce, as well as an enviable wine list create a flavorsome experience that will be difficult to match.
  • Mistral - If duck dishes in a luxurious setting sound good to some, then this is where they need to head to. It is, as always, a popular spot for those that want a good setting to eat what they love best. Ideal for any corporate feast, it has plenty to offer.
  • White Manna - With a menu that is as diminutive as the red-and-chrome shoebox that resembles 1939, this is a rare space that offers much to big eaters. Guests can tuck into the likes of caramelized onions smashed into fresh beef on a slider-sized potato roll with cheese. 
  • Corinne’s Place - Food like collard greens, smothered pork chops, fried catfish and southern veggies are just some of the things that can be ordered here. One place where all corporate titans can enjoy a get-together and a scrumptious meal.
  • Serenade - If Jersey favorites like calamari salad and chicken parm sound like the meal for corporate hotshots, as well as the addition of lobster rolls, tuna tartare, steaks and cocktails, then this place will be the best place for our guests to head to. Indulging in traditional food is always a treat and this place is as good as any other. Not to be missed off the list of top New Jersey restaurants.
  • Heirloom Kitchen - Rich flavors are the nature of the beast here as dishes like spring pea tart with mascarpone and steak tartare with chimichurri fill up the menu. Not to be scoffed at, this is a great spot for corporate guests to bring clients and show off.
  • Zeppoli - A  rare Sicilian treat, the menu is what most would expect at a place like this with foods like tortellini filled with pureed pumpkin and butternut squash, cosseted in a sauce of sage and brown butter, pappardelle lavished with a cocoa-powder enriched ragù made from braised shoulder of wild boar and more making their presence known.

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