Accommodation Near NYC Health + Hospitals / Bellevue New York

Accommodation Near NYC Health + Hospitals / Bellevue New York

Tracing its roots back to almost three centuries, the NYC Health+ Hospitals/ Bellevue is said to be the oldest hospital in America. Established in 1736, this hospital is quite a landmark. Speaking of healthcare, New York City is one of the world’s best go-to destinations for medical treatments as well as medical tourism. People from America, as well as other countries across the world, come here for treatment due to the state-of-the-art medical treatment and facilities which they receive in the US. The country is one of the pioneers in novel medical treatments and cures and NYC is also much easier for people to travel to and get their medical treatments done at the hospitals here. 

This is why we have placed accommodation near NYC Health+ Hospitals / Bellevue very strategically, near to most of the medical facilities. Be it medical practitioners such as doctors, surgeons or nurses, medical and nursing students or patients and medical tourists, our award-winning accommodation near NYC Health+ Hospitals / Bellevue are ideally suited for their perfect stay in the city, near to the hospital.

If you are undergoing any treatment or have surgery scheduled at NYC Health+ Hospitals / Bellevue, and are looking for accommodation that is comfortable, clean, stylish, and ideally equipped, then look no further. Our accommodation near NYC Health+ Hospitals / Bellevue is where your search ends. The modern fully equipped apartments are designed specially to suit the requirements of doctors, patients, visitors, and medical students. They are cozy and comfortable so that everyone would want to retire after a long day at the hospital. Every serviced apartment of ours is centrally located and quite close to the hospital so that everyone can stay within close range and traveling to and from the hospitals is easy. They are also near to the subway stations for connectivity to other parts of the city, major attractions, restaurants, and shopping malls.

With the number of amenities, we provide our serviced accommodation would be the best choice for you. Doctors, medical students, and other healthcare professionals can also opt for our serviced accommodations as they are spacious with a great sense of privacy, are fully furnished, well-equipped, and comfortable to live in.

Our Best Serviced Accommodation Near NYC Health + Hospitals / Bellevue

Our serviced accommodations near NYC Health + Hospitals / Bellevue are designed to suit your needs. There are so many options to choose from. Whether you are traveling solo, or are with your spouse, or family, our fully furnished apartments cater to all kinds of requirements. They provide you with the perfect getaway from the hustle-bustle of hospitals and the chaos of hospital wards. We ensure that our guests get whatever they require during the term of their stay, be it in-house entertainment or other amenities like a fully functional kitchen, our guests can enjoy all the comforts of home while staying at our apartment near NYC + Hospitals / Bellevue. All you need to do is book one of our specially curated serviced accommodations and let it to us to make your stay pleasant and memorable. 

There are many hotels and inns in the vicinity, but the differentiation that our serviced apartments provide is one too many. If you are a patient and do not want to stay at the ward and just need to visit the hospital for frequent check-ups, you can stay at our peaceful serviced apartment. For the family members of patients, the hospital’s chaos gets too irksome after some time, so they can come back and get a peaceful environment to unwind after a long chaotic day at the hospital. And hence, these apartments provide you with all the comforts where you can sit, relax and cook your own food in our fully equipped kitchen or make yourself some coffee while you are at it. Patients can also cook healthy meals for themselves, rather than ordering food from outside. 

For medical practitioners like doctors, surgeons, etc. who are visiting the NYC Health + Hospitals / Bellevue, our apartments are a perfect place to relax after a tiring day at the health center. Here, our apartments are furnished with state-of-the-art standards and they have been designed keeping in mind all the comforts and requirements that one should have. Once you enter our apartments, you will find that they offer more than you would have asked for. Similarly, for medical or nursing students, these serviced apartments offer a calm soothing environment to come back and relax. They can use the wi-fi to study online and can also make use of the study tables to finish their work or studies.

Our top serviced apartments near NYC Health + Hospitals / Bellevue include the ones listed below:

Facilities in Our NYC Health + Hospitals / Bellevue Accommodation

All our serviced apartments near NYC Health + Hospitals / Bellevue are meant to serve doctors, patients, medical students, and visitors. They are all fully furnished with soothing decor and elegant furnishings. We offer numerous amenities for all sorts of guests. They provide a nice, homely atmosphere and are ideal for short, medium, or long-term accommodation and are curated for the comfort of people who require medical facilities nearby. 

The apartments come with a bedroom that is comfortable and has ample amenities for a restful sleep. They have cozy beddings, fresh linen, chest of drawers, spacious and functional wardrobes, extra linen for your relaxed stay. The apartments also come with a fully equipped kitchen with all the appliances and essential utensils for you to cook healthy meals rather than depending daily on restaurants or fast food. There is a designated dining area with a dining table and chairs too. The living rooms in our serviced apartment near NYC Health + Hospitals / Bellevue boast of comfy sofas, chairs, coffee tables, flat-screen television with cable, where you can watch all the latest news, TV shows, movies, and music channels to spend that perfect evening. There is free access to high-speed Wi-Fi in all our apartments so that you are never too far from your loved ones, friends, and families. Students too can utilize the study desk with chairs as well as our speedy connections to work and study right from their serviced apartment. All amenities that are there in our serviced apartments are aplenty and help you make the most of the day. 

And not to forget, our other amenities like a gym, spa, sauna, and much more than the apartment building may have. This can be a part of the booking package or you can have access to these separately too. These facilities may or may not be required by everyone but give a sense of sophistication to the short or long term stay that you have at our apartments. 

Types of Accommodation Near NYC Health + Hospitals /Bellevue

We know that not all stays are the same, so we offer a wide range of options in terms of accommodation and have varied sized apartments in our portfolio. From 1-bedroom to 2, we have studio apartments and huge 4-bedroom apartments as well. All you need to do is to select the type of apartment that you would require for your stay, book it and show up, and leave the rest to us. From a medical expert or a student visiting solo, to a patient visiting with family, everyone will be able to get the kind of place they require at the click of a button, from our huge collection.

These are just some of the types of accommodation near NYC Health + Hospitals /Bellevue include:

  • Studio - These are one of the most preferred and a top-pick for solo medical experts, doctors, students who want to have a place of their own. These private spaces in the form of open-plan studios have all the amenities of a modern home where everything is easily accessible to our visitors.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartment - Quite similar to the studio apartments, our 1 bedroom apartments are ideally suited for visitors who want to have all the amenities but also want to have a private bedroom sans open-plan designs, which helps them cut away from the living and dining areas and have a cozy comfy room to call it a day.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartment - More spacious than single-bedroom apartments, these are ideally suited for more than one guest. These apartments are a top-pick for patients who have their visitors or a small team of doctors traveling to the NYC Health + Hospitals /Bellevue. The extra space with the privacy of bedrooms is what makes them more appealing.
  • 3 Bedroom Apartment - This is perfect for larger medical teams, a group of surgeons, a large family traveling with the patient or a bunch of students. These apartments offer a space that is a perfect blend of being together yet maintaining privacy. 
  • 4 Bedroom Apartments - These huge apartments are similar to 3-bedroom ones, with some extra space. Ideal for large groups, our 4-bedroom apartments are well-equipped to cater to all your needs.

Attractions Near Our NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue Accommodation

New York City is a place which is one of the most popular tourist destinations across the globe. So there is no dearth of attractions when it comes to New York. Be it the famous Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building, almost everyone knows NYC’s top attractions. However, as NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue is situated on the banks of the East River and between Midtown and Lower Manhattan, there are a lot of other attractions to visit which you may not find in a regular tourist’s guide.  

For patients who are fit enough to leave the hospital for a while, there are parks and nature walks to make use of which can bring them closer to nature and speed up the healing process. For doctors and medical students, these attractions are a change in the scenery that can help them unwind a bit, after the strenuous days at the hospital. While all our apartments are near to most of these attractions, they also can be easily accessed through cabs, subways or even a short walk. 

The main attractions near our NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue which you can visit during your stay at our accommodation are:

  • Central Park - Central Park is a quite famous tourist attraction that is visited by millions of tourists and frequented by the locals for their morning walks and evening strolls. You can have a hearty picnic here or meditate becoming one with nature. Central Park offers something for every mood. Central Park also has attractions like Belvedere Castle, Bow Bridge, Central Park Zoo, and the lake where you can enjoy boat rides.
  • Statue of Liberty - Recognized as the symbol of the United States, the Statue of Liberty is a must-visit for everyone who visits New York. Just buy a ticket, hop on the ferry and get ready for a ride to Liberty Island to witness the grandeur of this monument for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • Empire State Building - Once the tallest building in the world, this skyscraper is one of the famous landmarks of Manhattan. You can enjoy a 360-degree view of New York City from its observation deck on the 86th floor. The 1454 ft high building’s architecture will leave you in awe. 
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park - This park offers panoramic viewpoints that capture the surreal skyline of Manhattan skyscrapers with the East River and Brooklyn Bridge on one side and the confluence of East and Hudson rivers on the other. 
  • Rockefeller Center - Although known as a business place, the Rockefeller Centre attracts many visitors to the kind of atmosphere it offers. Be it shopping, entertainment, live gigs, or observatories, this place is a must-visit. 
  • Times Square - Who doesn’t know Times Square. With huge billboards and shiny advertising walls, the place is bustling with activity and all the special events happen here. It is quite a different experience here at Times Square.

Restaurants Near Our NYC Health + Hospitals / Bellevue Accommodation

While our guests speak highly of the restaurants in New York, it is advisable for patients to have a healthy diet that will help them recover fast. However, for others, you can always have a good healthy meal outside at some of the best restaurants in the vicinity. 

Our NYC Health + Hospitals / Bellevue accommodation can be found near the following restaurants:

  • Divya’s Kitchen - One of the most popular restaurants for vegetarian Ayurvedic cuisine, everything prepared here is in house, and they take freshness very seriously. The food here can heal.
  • The Organic Grill - This is a vegan, gluten-free restaurant in New York City, that uses organic, seasonal produce, and ingredients in all their dishes, drinks, and desserts. Here, one can really have a great time and great food.
  • abcV - This is one of the favorite vegetarian restaurants in the city, but is significantly healthier than most of the other restaurants.
  • Oceans - A globally inspired seafood restaurant, that serves the freshest catch, this can be your go-to place for dining if you crave sea-food. Located quite near the NYC Health + Hospitals / Bellevue, this place serves good nonvegetarian dishes too.

Transportation Near Our NYC Health + Hospitals / Bellevue Accommodation

Traveling in New York City is super convenient. The New York Subway is renowned as an engineering marvel and offers quality commutes to everyone in the city. We are aware of the fact that subways are super important to people and so we have our serviced apartments located strategically near the stations as well as those near the hospitals. Not only do they provide a quick commute to the hospitals but also help you get to some of the main attractions and restaurants in the city. 

Here are some of the subway stations that are close to our NYC Health + Hospitals/ Bellevue accommodations:

  • 1 Avenue Station
  • 3 Avenue Station
  • 23 Street Station
  • 28 Street station 
  • 33 Street station

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