Furnished Apartments in Chelsea

Furnished Apartments in Chelsea

From enjoying the position of a gay district once to that of an art district now, Chelsea has come a long way. Amid the vintage vibe and high-rise apartments, Chelsea is a very lively neighborhood of Manhattan. Named after the legendary Royal Hospital Chelsea, the welcoming neighborhood is one of the warmest places to live in Manhattan. Falling on the West part of the borough, it is surrounded by Midtown South, Hell’s Kitchen, Greenwich Village, and Meatpacking District from respective sides. 

With our team being highly skilled at what it does, the best location options and the finest 5-star amenities have been picked within Chelsea with some of the most stylish abodes ready to welcome you. 

Our Best Furnished Apartments in Chelsea

Lavish master bedrooms, spacious living room, excellent kitchen loaded well with all the regular ingredients and daily use appliances, and a wonderful balcony view clubbed together are our collective idea of the best serviced apartment in New York City. Taking this as our ideal yardstick, we have added several sub-amenities under each head in each of our fully-equipped serviced accommodations. Our apartments are not just all set to welcome you but make you feel at home. 

You can pick from some of our best furnished apartments in Chelsea listed down below:

Types of Furnished Apartments Available in Chelsea

Chelsea is full of variety when it comes to types of apartments and living experiences. From the highest on the scale of luxury to the lowest on the scale of budget, Chelsea gives ample opportunities to use its variety to your advantage. From a cozy studio abode for a romantic holiday in Manhattan to an affordable apartment near your workplace on a business trip, our team has something for all your moods and wants to offer.

Some of the commonly enquired furnished apartments in Chelsea are:

  • High-rise Apartments - These homes are all about a magnificent view from your balcony, the true essence of luxury right from the top and a perfect combination stay full of comfort and travel. Expect a modern and stylish urban pad for the modern traveler at our high-rise abodes. 
  • Studio Apartments - Whether you like your stay to be small and cozy with your partner, this is the perfect and most snuggly experience you could get. Even if it is a solo work trip, our top-notch amenities and appliances will make your stay the easiest. 
  • Bedroom Apartments - From one-bedroom for privacy to two bedrooms for twin sharing, our lavish and highly comforting bedroom apartments offer a separate balcony, kitchen, attached bathrooms, and a lot of space and comfort for a memorable stay.

Apart from these, if you are looking forward to a vacation with a bigger group of friends, family, or even colleagues, we even have options for three and four-bedroom apartments available to ease your stay in this popular part of New York City.

Why Should You Book Our Furnished Apartments in Chelsea?

Chelsea like any other Manhattan neighborhood is expensive. However, with our consistent process of curation over the years, we have managed to find the parts which are moderately priced. Whether you are happy picking luxuries for this special stay or you would like accommodation within your set budget, our furnished apartments in Chelsea cover them both.

We also make sure that you are completely satisfied with everything ranging from the location to the in-house amenities, service of our team to your overall living experience. While that is taken care of, you can also be well assured that the prices listed on the website are completely fair and we would love to entertain any customization requests. This gives you no evident reason to not consider us for a stay in Chelsea.

Facilities in Our Furnished Apartments in Chelsea

From the finest appliances to cook in the kitchen to the softest bed covers to let you snuggle in, the fastest Wi-Fi facility with routers in every room to a very welcoming vibe of the accommodation, our facilities look after all spheres of living. Expect the utmost sense of security with our CCTVs and door cameras. Even if you are alone in Chelsea, don't consider yourself so. Our service team will be with you online 24x7 in case of any emergency or guidance. The list of facilities is quite tempting. 

The impressive range of amenities that come with our furnished apartments in Chelsea include: 

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine and dishwasher
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV 
  • Balcony with a view

Corporate Accommodation in Chelsea

Kitchen appliances are the best part of our corporate abodes for every business traveler. While Chelsea has endless food experiences to offer, those quick breakfast pancakes must not be missed. From a ready stove to all the ingredients organized nicely on the shelves, your biggest problem will be solved with us. Apart from that, expect to reach the office, or enjoy local neighborhood and borough attractions along with a lot of eclectic set of experiences in no time from our centrally located abodes. Such is the eclectic advantage of our thorough knowledge of Chelsea. 

Furnished Apartments in Chelsea for Families

We want you to begin by picturing yourself enjoying a homely spread on a cozy dining table with your family in our rental apartment. If it is anywhere around Christmas, why not bake a few gingerbread cookies in the oven? Kids enjoy hiding in our large spacious closets so even after getting all your stuff organized it will have some space left. From master bedrooms decorated like home to fresh groceries coming in for a lovely homemade meal, expect all the comforts that a perfect combo of home and hotel should enjoy. 

Best Attractions Near Our Furnished Apartments in Chelsea

Most guests are thrilled to see how thorough Chelsea is when it comes to art and culture. From stunning theaters to flashing nightclubs, a game of golf to the iconic Royal Hospital in Chelsea, the taste of the neighborhood is extremely varied for everyone to enjoy. With so much to see and explore here, our abodes have been cautiously curated in the most central parts of the neighborhood which makes it even more convenient to enjoy. 

From the most pleasant flea market to the iconic Royal Hospital Chelsea, below are some of the handpicked attractions across Chelsea that you must know:

  • Royal Hospital Chelsea - Take a walking tour and immerse in the rich history of the attraction. Get clicked with the veterans moving around in their majestic scarlet-uniform. It is interesting to note that the architect behind the gorgeous building was the same as St. Paul’s Cathedral.
  • The Royal Court Theater - Be witness to the magic that some of the finest international and home-grown actors and playwrights create on stage here. It is an iconic place to have hosted legends like David Hare and Mike Bartlet.  
  • Ground Zero Museum Workshop - Remembering the past and sharing each other’s stories is one very potent way of knowing a city. The loss at the 9/11 terrorist attack is still remembered through remains, artifacts, audio stories, and a lot of feelings clustered here at Ground Zero. A very heartfelt project to be a part of.
  • Rubin Museum of Art - Go through one of the most stunning art places of Chelsea at 17th Street. It is an epicenter for all your artistic and theatrical fancies as the art museum comprises a theater, an art studio, and even an education center to know more about the craft. After going through all of them, the gift shop and cafe must not be missed either. 
  • Cadogan Hall - Hear the world’s finest music concerts here with all your heart. Let world-class jazz, classical, folk, and contemporary music mesmerize you with its experience. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra calls this legendary place its home too.
  • The High Line - It is one of the most visited attractions in Chelsea and New York. Built on the lines of a similar Paris project, this is a lush garden spread in a greenway that counts up to 1.45 miles. Immerse in the gorgeous city view and that of Hudson River while you spot families picnicking and kids skateboarding or performing around. 
  • Madison Square Garden - Enjoy a whole list of iconic performances in this popular spot of the neighborhood. From witnessing legends performing on its stage to being a part of some legendary sports played here, Madison Square Garden is your destination for all that Chelsea fun. 
  • Chelsea Market -With over 35 vendors adorning the popular market, expect everything here from last-minute birthday gifts, souvenirs, and ingredients for meals at home. From bohemian decor to vintage stuff, concert nights on Fridays to excellent Mexican food, this market is an absolute delight.
  • Gay Bars - Chelsea has a history of being the epicenter of the LGBTQ+ community. It would be great to relive that part of history when staying here by experiencing whatever is left of that legendary vibe. What better than finding your nearest gay bar and experience the vibe there? 
  • Highline Ballroom - If you are a fan of live musical performances, this is a fantastic hub in Chelsea for all those cravings for excellent music. A mix of bar, restaurant, nightclub, and a music venue, treat this as your bae in the neighborhood for a very happening night. 

Best Restaurants Near Our Furnished Apartments in Chelsea

Getting surrounded by delicious tacos, authentic Italian restaurants, celebrated sushi joints, and a lot of local gems is going to be your highlight of staying with us. With a delicious and flavorful platter made with so many different cuisines waiting for you around our accommodations in Chelsea, expect a lot of food and probably some extra pounds gained on this trip. 

Some of the cautiously picked restaurants snuggled across our furnished apartments in Chelsea include:

  • Los Moriscos - With quite a celebrated taste of its legendary fish tacos, this is a very casual restaurant adorning the neighborhood of Chelsea. It is inexpensive, it is quick in serving, and it serves delicious Mexican seafood.
  • Cookshop - If there has to be a one-stop restaurant for all your tastes, this one will be the highest voted by the locals. From business brunch to special dinner with parents or even a cozy meal with your partner, this is the epicenter of all of Chelsea’s food talks. 
  • Seamore’s - With high ceilings and white interiors splashed by sunlight and pops of beach palette, this iconic restaurant keeps shifting. Serving the most delicious fish tacos and other seafood in general, this is an affordable place to consider for meats.
  • El Quinto Pino - Would you like an aesthetically pleasant restaurant serving great Spanish food? While the decor is fresh and appealing with white textured walls and pastel upholstery, their an uni panini is one of the most celebrated dishes in the entire neighborhood.
  • The Meatball Shop - If you like food balls of any kind, this stylish place is a must to check out. From meatballs to pesto balls’ bowl, subs full of even more balls, and a whole cocktail bar in the basement called Underballs, this is a very humble Italian restaurant and bar to consider. 
  • Del Posto - If you are okay spending a bomb for a lavish exquisite dinner with your partner or fam, this is a perfect restaurant to head to. It is lavish, it serves delicious food, the decor is priceless and the 5-course dinner starts at $149 but the elegant services make up for that broken piggy bank. 
  • Miznon - The incredible taste of this very unconventionally decorated restaurant has made it to Chelsea, NYC from Tel Aviv. From high bar seats to a very fine range of pita bread, this small chain steadily expanding across the globe has them all.
  • Jun-Men Ramen Bar - Enjoy a warm Ramen bowl here ideal for any casual meal of the day. This restaurant is nothing less than a heaven for the passionate lovers of uni and pork ramen. Their bbq pork buns are quite a hit in the neighborhood which you should surely not miss the taste of.
  • Ovest - Can any food list be complete without any pizza? If you are an old-school traveler who likes quieter places to bring a date to, where both of you could talk and know each other, this is your place to consider. Enjoy classic Neapolitan pizzas in the coziest ambiance. 
  • Citizens of Chelsea - A warm coffee shop with the most refreshing decor, this Australian spot is ideal for a romantic coffee date in Chelsea. With the most friendly staff and delicious avocado toast, this should be your ideal working spot too. 

Transport Near Our Furnished Apartments in Chelsea

Bus, train, and subway are the three prime public modes of transportation that are most extensively used by the locals of Chelsea, Manhattan. Travelers are often in awe of the level of connectivity that it offers. Expect to reach anywhere in the city from your doorstep of our cautiously picked furnished apartments in Chelsea. 

The most accessible bus routes that pass through Chelsea include:

  • BXM4, 
  • M11
  • M14A-SBS
  • M23-SBS
  • M7
  • Q32

Subway lines 1, C, and E are the central ones that cross through Chelsea. The nearest public stations available from your furnished apartments in Chelsea include:

  • Pennsylvania Station
  • 34 Street - Herald Square
  • 23rd St
  • 14th St
  • 28th St
  • 18th St

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